Secure Your Broadband Connection in 5 Simple Ways

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Broadband connection has become an essential part of modern society. An internet connection provides a solution to almost every question which we get, and it also caters to our entertainment needs. However, Broadband Wi-Fi connection is not just limited to our four walls. The Wi-Fi signals which are transmitted in our connection are broadcasted through various cable lines and boxes. This increases the chance of cyber-attacks and fraudulent activities. Many hackers and digital criminals try to break into our connection and hack our private data. However, a broadband connection can be secured with some of the simple steps. Broadband connection holders will not even have to contact their services providers if they follow these simple steps to secure their internet connection. Here are few of the simple steps which users can do to secure broadband connection.

Use WPA Password

One of the easiest and simplest way to protect Wi-Fi network is by keeping a long and random password to ensure that hackers cannot access your connection. The default access name and password of the router is easy to decode, and hackers get easy access to your network using a few tricks. However, if both access name and password are secured with a strong password, hackers will not be able to hack into a broadband connection and get private data of users.

Establish Separate Network for Guests

One of the most common requests we get from guests and visitors is the access to Wi-Fi connection. To ensure that the broadband connection is safe from any unethical guest, a user must always provide a separate network for guests. The separate network will just allow users to get an internet connection. However, guests will not be able to breach into the internal network of the users. All the modern wireless routers have the capability of running two Wi-Fi networks that is one for the main network and another one for guests.

Enable MAC Authentication

To ensure complete safety of the broadband connection, users can enable the MAC authentication for guests. MAC Authentication will allow the users to allow certain devices and restrict the rest. With MAC Authentication enabled, unofficial and unauthorised devices will not be able to access network resources, and it will add an extra layer of security in your broadband connection. All the broadband users get a unique serial number which is known as MAC address which can be used to allow access to the network from a set of addresses defined by the user.

Limit Range of Wi-Fi Signal

In case if you are using Wi-Fi in a smaller area, limiting the scope of the Wi-Fi signal will be one of the easiest steps to secure your broadband connection. The Wi-Fi signal can be limited by switching from 802.11b or 802.11n to 802.11g. Apart from this, the Wi-Fi signal can also be reduced by using Wi-Fi blocking paint. The Wi-Fi blocking paint will absorb the Wi-Fi signals, and it will not allow the signals to go beyond the wall.


Broadband connection can also be secured by hiding the service set identifier (SSID) which is also known as the network name. Once the network name is hidden, unethical hackers will not be able to search the connection and users who know the name of the Wi-Fi connection will be able to connect their devices with the broadband connection.

If users follow these simple steps, they will not have to worry about the data breach and cyber-attacks from hackers and cybercriminals. All the steps can be followed without any external hassle, and users will enjoy a secured broadband connection which will cater to their work and entertainment needs.

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