Broadband Companies Should Offer Standard Plans

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While there are only four telecom operators in India, there are several more internet service providers (ISPs), and the number just keeps on growing as days pass by. Because of the pandemic, all of the ISPs got a boost since the demand for fixed-line fiber internet connection grew. Private operators such as Excitel and other lesser-known companies expanded their services in new parts of the country to gain a bigger market share in line with the growing demand for the service.

There’s one thing though that all of the new private ISPs need to consider, and that is whether their broadband plans are standard or not.

What Are Standard Broadband Plans?

Standard broadband plans are simply plans that offer the same benefits and come for the same price in all of the circles. To make it simple, JioFiber offers all of its plans for the same price and benefits in all of the telecom circles. Thus, JioFiber offers ‘standard’ plans in all of India.

For the sake of it, instead of calling them standard plans, let’s call them ‘consistent plans’. Consistent broadband plans are much better than plans that offer varied benefits in different circles of the country.

Why Are Standard/Consistent Broadband Plans Better?

Standard or consistent broadband plans are better because they psychologically offer safety and comfort to the user. Further, it helps the user in not feeling cheated. For example, if a user living in Delhi gets a 100 Mbps broadband plan from a hypothetical company called ‘XYZ’ for Rs 1,000 and another user living in Mumbai at the same time gets the same plan from the same company for Rs 700; the user living in Delhi would feel slightly cheated.

The fiberisation costs, infrastructure development costs, and other operational costs for the companies might differ in different regions. Regardless, broadband companies should focus on delivering plans that offer standard plans to users across the nation.

With standard/consistent plans, users also are comfortable switching or transferring their connection to a different city or circle if they are changing their house. This is why plans from companies such as JioFiber, Excitel, Airtel Xstream Fiber, BSNL Bharat Fibre look very good.

At the same time, plans from ACT Fibernet seems to be very confusing, and that is the case with plans offered in maximum cities by You Broadband.

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