Broadband Buying Guide: Entry-Level Work From Home High Speed Plans

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Broadband plans are the demand of the hour because of the second round of lockdowns and increasing work from home culture throughout India. A fixed fiber broadband internet connection has multiple advantages. It can provide users with a high-bandwidth and low-latency network to do multiple things such as take online classes, stream entertaining content in 4K, and download games, movies, and more.

Today we bring you a broadband buying guide for entry-level work from home plans that offer high-speed data so that you can do almost everything with a single internet connection. Take a look at all the plans below.

JioFiber High-Speed Entry-Level Broadband Plan

JioFiber offers its high-speed entry-level broadband plan for Rs 399 per month. The plan offers users 30 Mbps speed along with 3.3TB fair-usage-policy (FUP) data. Adding to this, users also get a free fixed-line connection with unlimited voice calling. There are no other benefits included with this plan. This plan is also available for the long-term with added benefits, and the price mentioned above doesn’t include taxes.

The 30 Mbps speed plan is enough for a user who doesn’t have a lot of people in his/her home to congest the Wi-Fi’s network.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Entry-Level Broadband Plan

Airtel Xstream Fiber offers its entry-level broadband plan for Rs 499 per month and offers up to 40 Mbps speed with 3.3TB data and a fixed-line connection like Jio for making unlimited voice calls. However, there are some benefits such as a free subscription of Airtel Xstream Premium, Wynk Music, and free 1-year classes with Shaw Academy.

Users can also pay Rs 1,500 as refundable security for getting the Airtel Xstream Box. The price mentioned above doesn’t include taxes. Even though Airtel’s plan offers 10 Mbps more speed than Jio’s plan, the 30 Mbps speed offered with Jio’s entry-level plan is sufficient. But if you have extra money to shell, you can always go for the Airtel Xstream Fiber’s entry-level plan for Rs 499 per month, which is Rs 100 more than Jio’s plan. Note that this plan is also available for a long-term purchase.

BSNL Bharat Fibre Entry-Level Broadband Plan


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) offers its entry-level fiber broadband plan for Rs 449 per month, and users get 30 Mbps speed with 3.3TB data. There is also a free fixed-line voice calling connection offered to the users, and there is no over-the-top (OTT) benefit included. There’s nothing more to this plan.

It is essentially the same as JioFiber’s plan but costs Rs 50 extra. Even this plan can suit most of your average work from home needs. Also, the price doesn’t include GST.

ACT Fibernet Entry-Level Broadband Plan

ACT Fibernet offers its entry-level broadband plan in the Ahmedabad circle for Rs 549, and with that, users get up to 50 Mbps speed. The company says that it offers unlimited data with its plans; however, there is a FUP limit that we couldn’t verify because it isn’t explicitly mentioned on the company’s website. Users get some OTT benefits with this plan, and that’s just it. There is nothing more offered by ACT with its entry-level broadband plan. The price mentioned above doesn’t include taxes.

You Broadband Entry-Level Broadband Plan

You Broadband offers its entry-level broadband plan for Rs 472 per month (inclusive of taxes). This is a great thing since the pre-tax price of the plan becomes Rs 400, and users get 30 Mbps speed with 3.5TB FUP data for one month. This plan is currently available in the Ahmedabad circle and doesn’t offer any other benefits. Users can also purchase this plan for the long term.

All of these entry-level broadband plans will help you in working from home seamlessly.

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