EU Eyes to Work with India For Strengthening 5G Security Standards

EU officials are expected to meet the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi to discuss the scope of telecom security matter and other trade issues at the EU summit in Portugal on May 8


To slash the dominance of Chinese telecom giants from the Indian 5G bubble, the European Union is eyeing an opportunity to work with the Indian government to create an open and transparent security standard for 5G technology rollouts across Europe and India. Developing Telecoms note that EU officials are expected to meet the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, to discuss the scope of telecom security matter and other trade issues at the EU summit in Portugal on May 8. As per a report rolled out by Bloomberg, the EU has intentions to work with India on creating global standards for privacy and transparency in 5G rollouts.

European Union Collaboration Highlights Concern Around Chinese Vendors

The European Commissioner shed light on the desire of the EU to work with democratic partners for establishing open standards for 5G roll-outs and secure the network in the presence of a systematic rivalry. The indirect statement by the commissioner reflects the concern around Chinese vendors.

As per a recent report dubbed as Shaping Europe’s digital future shed light on the fact that 5G Infrastructure Association which is the private side of 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership, signed an MoU with the Telecom Standards Development Society, India, two years back to accelerate industrial cooperation between India and Europe. The cooperation between the nation targets regular and structured transmission of information of regional developments, including regulatory and 5G spectrum approaches and involvement of vertical industries in the 5G ecosystem.

India to Distribute 2.6 GHz Spectrum

India has finalised to distribute the 2.6 GHz spectrum based on the full TDD mode that is similar to China, Japan and the USA. The rest of the positions are not yet finalised by the government. However, the topic is under discussion between 5G-IA and TSDSI. Also, the commission is cooperating with the Indian government on multiple digital issues, including 5G with the help of EU-India co-operation dialogue on Digital Communications as well as the EU-India Joint Working Group on ICTs. Various EU nations have moved to impose restriction on Chinese telecom gear makers Huawei for building the 5G network. It is expected that the EU needs to dilute 355$ billion into deploying next-generation networks.

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