China Aims For 739 Million 5G Subscribers by 2025

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When it comes to the 5G footprint, China has developed a vast ecosystem to offer a high-speed network to users. As per a Chinese press report citing an unknown government official, China has installed nearly 792,000 5G base stations as of February end. Also, the report reveals that China aims to build more than 600,000 5G base stations in 2021. Liu Liehong, who is the vice minister of industry and information technology, stated that 5G standalone networks are covering all major provinces and cities across China, and the 5G terminal connections in the nation have reached 260 million. RCR Wireless reported that the ministry is also expecting that 5G mobile shipments in China would be around 80% of the total shipments in the second half of this year.

Chinese Telecom Operators Added 16.94 Million 5G Subscribers

Chinese telecom operators added a whopping 16.94 million 5G subscribers during February. The largest operator of the world in terms of subscribers, China Mobile, added 4.19 million 5G subscribers in February. On the other side of the river, rival telecom operator China Telecom added nearly 6.2 million 5G subscribers in February to increase the total count of 5G subscribers base to 103.37. China Unicorn also added new 5G subscribers and finished February with 84.5 million 5G subscribers. The information was revealed in the monthly statistics report rolled out by telecom operators.

China is Aiming 739 Million 5G Subscribers by 2025

As per a recent study by ABI Research, China is aiming for 739 million 5G subscribers by the end of 2025. The number would account for nearly 40% of the global market share in the 5G bubble. Also, in annual mobile data consumption, it is expected that the 5G annual data traffic in China would reach 782 exabytes by 2025. The numbers would nearly represent nearly 60% share of the total 5G data consumption around the globe. While striving to grow the 5G bubble, the Chinese government is also eyeing on the 6G technology. Yang Xiaowei, who is the deputy head of Cyberspace Administration of China, said that the nation would accelerate the research and development of 6G technologies and continue to build a vast 5G network.

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