Bharti Airtel Planning to Add Over 9500 New Mobile Sites in Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh Circle

Bharti Airtel is going to expand its network infrastructure in Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh (MPCG) telecom circle under its network expansion program, Project Leap. The telco has now announced a massive network rollout plan in the circle this financial year. Airtel is looking to expand the network to enhance its data capabilities and expand its footprint in the region. As part of the expansion, Airtel will be adding over 9500 new mobile broadband sites and 4000 kms of optic fiber in FY 2018-19. “While stepping up the data capacities and taking services deeper into rural and unconnected areas, the new rollout plan would ensure a deployment of one new site every hour on Airtel’s future-ready network in the region,” Airtel said in a media statement.


Image: Dharmender Khajuria, CEO-Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh

Once the rollout completes, the number of mobile sites of Airtel in Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh circle would go up by 30% to 26,000, which further enhances its network capabilities and offers better data speeds, voice quality to the users. Also, the addition of fresh optic fiber would extend Airtel’s fiber backbone to 22,000 kms, supporting the growth of high-speed data services in the region.

Dharmender Khajuria, Chief Executive Officer – Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh, Bharti Airtel said, “As the country’s leading mobile service provider, we are committed towards ensuring the best-in-class mobile broadband experience to our users. We will continue to invest aggressively in the region and take our network capabilities to the next level deploying over 26,000 mobile sites by the end of this financial year. Our efforts will also significantly contribute towards the Government’s vision of Digital India.”

This expansion of network infrastructure follows the successful expansion of network sites in FY 2017-18 where the telco managed to add over 5200 new sites being deployed across Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh, extending Airtel’s mobile broadband footprint to 34000 towns and villages in the region.

Speaking the history of Bharti Airtel’s network deployment in Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh, it launched the 3G services in September 2015, followed by the rollout of high-speed 4G services in October 2016. Airtel also launched the VoLTE services in October 2017 and currently has a fiber backbone of 18500 kms. Airtel’s network is now spread across 34,000 towns and villages across the circle. For those who’re interested, Airtel is offering 4G services on FD LTE 1800 MHz and TD LTE 2300 MHz spectrum. Earlier today, we reported about Vodafone’s 4G services launch in the same MPCG circle.

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April 14, 2018 9:53 pm 9:53 PM

Airtel deployed Band 40 in Gwalior MP recently. Speeds were around 70 Mbps. But carrier aggregation not activated by Airtel between Band 40 and Band 3.

Screenshot_20180406-150106_Service mode RIL.jpg
April 14, 2018 1:32 pm 1:32 PM

Someone please suggest me a good TV under 15000. Confused between MI TV 4A 32″ and VU 32″ TV. Anyone tell me which one is better in terms of Picture Quality(nothing else).

Vishal Chennai
April 13, 2018 8:07 pm 8:07 PM

Airtel is rapidly upgrading sites with CA

Kiran Fernandes | Goa
April 13, 2018 10:41 pm 10:41 PM

Or maybe your phone supports 4×2 MIMO. I can’t say, but the upload speed sucks because 4×2 MIMO.

Vishal Chennai
April 14, 2018 11:17 am 11:17 AM

@kiran I have attached screenshot

Kiran Fernandes | Goa
April 13, 2018 10:37 pm 10:37 PM

That’s 4×2 MIMO. Notice the upload speeds. Airtel only improved the download speed using 4 sending antennae. They need 4 receiving antennae but they stuck to 2 instead.

Vishal Chennai
April 14, 2018 11:24 am 11:24 AM

In my area it works in 2 combinations in intra band band b40-40 10Mhz-20Mhz 20Mhz-10Mhz. Also they enabled DC-HSPA+ in the tower getting 16 Mbps in 3G itself. Ian using Mi A1 with Lineage OS 15.1 . This beautiful ROM enabled the above things also enabled 900Mhz LTE band but not able to test it as there is no network in Chennai supports it. Xiaomi disabled this things in Indian varient and Global varient supports all the above and the developer of this ROM some how enabled it !

April 14, 2018 2:37 pm 2:37 PM

is mi max2 support lte Advncd or need to do qxdm qpst!??

April 13, 2018 9:35 pm 9:35 PM

bro my mi max2 will suporr Ca automatically??or need to qpst and qxdm for CA????

Proxima Midnight
April 14, 2018 1:12 am 1:12 AM

can’t confirm, mid rangers usually don’t support CA in different configurations. though you can try the detailed guide by me on xda, just search enable lte-a carrier aggregation xda