Beats Studio Buds Look to Emulate Apple AirPods Success

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beats studio buds

Beats as a company have always faced some critique for offering products at exorbitant prices that do not offer features that might truly warrant the price difference that these products had with other market offerings from the likes of Samsung, Bose, Sony and a couple of other brands.

That being said, ever since it was purchased by Apple, there have been higher expectations from the company, especially considering how the company that owns Beats is responsible for one of, if not the most influential audio product in recent years, with the Apple AirPods having set the market alight back in 2016 and having caused multiple clones, that, too this day fail to match the success that the original AirPods had and, maintain even in 2021.

It seems that Beat might be expecting such a trend to occur at their second attempt at making a truly wireless earbud, as the company launched the Beats Studio Buds late on Monday. The Buds are priced at  $149.99 and are on offer in three different hues, namely red, black, or white.

In terms of the key differences from the first attempt at making truly wireless earbuds, the Studio Buds offer a different yet more compact design than the older Powerbeats Pro. These buds also lack any ear hooks and they do away with the stem design on the AirPods.

What Do We Know About the Beats Studio Buds

beats studio buds

This results in quite a lightweight and comfortable fit. Preorders have started since yesterday in the US and Canada via Apple and other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy, with the earbuds set to be available in stores on June 24th.

Talking about the specifics, the Studio Buds offer active noise cancellation, IPX4 water as well as sweat resistance, and can run for up to 5 hours on a single charge, with noise cancellation on. When noise cancellation is turned off, the buds can stretch out to provide 8 hours of continuous use. The buds also make use of USB-C based charging, but there is no support for wireless charging.

Do note that the earbuds can be used in single ways, as in one bud can be used at a time, rather than having to use both earbuds at once. The most shocking feature is that Beats supports both iOS and Android features with the Studio Buds.

The Buds on iPhone provide a simple, AirPods like setup and have integration with the Control Center, with Hey Siri commands on offer. In contrast, on Android, the Buds work with Google's Fast Pair and Find My Device feature seamlessly.

Beats has also released a fresh acoustic architecture design for the Studio Buds, which make use of 8.2-millimetre drivers with the company claiming that you can expect outstanding stereo separation and low harmonic distortion across the frequency curve so you hear every note.

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