Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On Display Will Highlight New iOS 16 Widgets

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iPhone 14 Pro

Barring any significant supply chain hiccups, Apple will likely introduce its iPhone 14 lineup around September as usual. And now some intriguing details about the iPhone 14 Pro series have surfaced in a fresh report.

The iPhone 14 Pro models will have always-on displays that let users read glanceable information without having a tap to wake the screen. Mark Gurman stated in the most recent issue of his Power On newsletter for Bloomberg that the function will support iOS 16’s new Weather, Fitness, and other Lock Screen widgets.

Further information regarding the new feature

Always-on displays are anticipated to be available only on Pro and Pro Max models, but they could eventually appear on ordinary models as well.

The iPhone 14 Pro, like the Apple Watch, will be able to display widgets that show weather, calendars, stocks, activities, and other data while the screen is at a low brightness and frame rate, according to Gurman. Additionally, there will be a setting that, like the Apple Watch, prevents sensitive information from being displayed on the lock screen for public viewing.

Not only that, the time, date, and unread notifications indicator will probably also be visible on the always-on display. It is expected that Apple will give users the choice to enable or disable the always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro models via the Settings app, following the lead of the Apple Watch, which has offered an always-on display mode since the Series 5 model.

According to Gurman, the always-on display option on the iPhone 14 Pro should conserve battery life by combining a low refresh rate with reduced brightness. Display industry researcher Ross Young predicts that the iPhone 14 Pro models would likely be able to drop down to as low as 1Hz like the Apple Watch for even greater battery efficiency. ProMotion, which was first introduced on iPhone 13 Pro models, enables the display to drop as low as 10Hz when idle.

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