Antel Launches 5G Services in Uruguay

State-owned operator Antel introduces 5G services in Uruguay, becoming the country's first provider to offer this advanced cellular technology. With the deployment of 5G networks, Antel aims to provide enhanced connectivity and technological leadership nationwide.


  • Antel becomes the first provider to offer 5G services in Uruguay.
  • Initial 5G coverage includes key cities and will rapidly expand across the country.
  • Antel customers with compatible devices can enjoy the 5G experience during the launch stage.

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Antel Launches 5G Services in Uruguay

Antel, the state-owned telecommunications operator in Uruguay, has announced the official launch of its 5G services, marking a significant milestone in the country's connectivity landscape. The 5G launch comes just a few weeks after Antel acquired a 100 MHz frequency in the 3.5 GHz band, enabling the deployment of 5G networks.

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Antel Launches 5G in Uruguay

With this launch, Antel became Uruguay's first provider to offer 5G services. During the launch event, the president of Antel invited customers to embrace "the Uruguay of the future" with the introduction of fifth-generation (5G) cellular technology. Starting from June 28th, approximately 300,000 customers of the state company will have access to the benefits of 5G technology, according to the statement.

Antel says the launch of 5G technology aligns with its goals of retaining technological leadership and staying at the forefront of telecommunications in Uruguay.

Expansion of 5G Coverage

Initially, 5G is available in cities such as Colonia, Canelones, Maldonado, Punta del Este, and parts of Montevideo, and the coverage will expand rapidly. In the coming days, 5G will reach Flores, followed by Rio Negro and Paysandu the following week. Antel also shared that 5G would soon light up in all 19 departments of the country. The deployment of 5G services will extend across the country, bringing enhanced connectivity to various regions.

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5G Experience for Antel Customers

Antel customers with contractual or prepaid LTE mobile services and compatible 5G devices will have the opportunity to enjoy the 5G experience during the launch stage, which will last from June 28th to July 27th, 2023.

As Uruguay enters the era of 5G, Antel's commitment to technological excellence and delivering cutting-edge services positions the country for further growth and innovation in the telecommunications sector.

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