Airtel launches a Wi-Fi offloading app called Airtel Hangouts

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Today, Bharti Airtel has launched an exclusive Wi-Fi offloading app called Hangouts that is aimed at shifting data traffic away from the cellular network to help decongest it and improve services. A few weeks back, Vodafone launched a similar app to offload Wi-Fi data. Wi-Fi offloading helps in reducing the amount of data being carried on the cellular brands, freeing bandwidth for other users, which is crucial given the limited bandwidth in the country.


The app requires one time password (OTP), and then it can be used at Wi-Fi zones, which offer data services through unlicensed or freely available spectrum. The app currently works only within the Delhi-National Capital Region at all Cafe Coffee Day outlets, some hotels, and some hospitals. As per the sources, Airtel has more than 100 Wi-Fi pockets in the Delhi-NCR region.

Customers will be benefitted where 3G/4G networks are too congested as they can use the Wi-Fi connection instead if its available at no additional cost. However, this isn’t completely free as the data charges will be deducted from customers data balance. Also, customers won’t be benefitted much they aren’t getting any data discounts or any other additional benefit.

If you belong to the Delhi-NCR circle, you can try out the app by downloading it from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

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