Exclusive: Airtel responds to jio preview offer, Now Airtel users will get 4G/3G data at Rs 50-65 /GB with new packs

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Bharti Airtel, the country’s largest telecom operator, has come up with two new long validity 3G/4G data rate cutter packs to ringfence its top revenue generating customers even as rival 4G telco tries to poach these customers with 90-day free preview offer. After the latest move by TRAI to extend the maximum validity of data packs to 12 months from previous quarter (3 months) limit; Bharti Airtel – the largest telecom operator launched six months and twelve months extended validity 3G/4G data packs across the country. With these new pack, the Mittal lead company becomes the first player to take benefit of new TRAI rule.


Currently, these days people are enjoying unlimited data benefits under the Jio Preview offer. And now with these new packs by Airtel, its customers can get 40/50GB of 3G/4G data at less than Rs 1,200. Yes, you read that right. We expect this to be a major attack on Jio by Airtel. Nowadays, Airtel is offering 1GB 4G data at Rs 150 – Rs 225 in most of the circles. For the data savvy customers, it is offering 40GB data at around Rs 3500.

With the new data pack priced at Rs 1498, Airtel users can save up to 70 percent of data cost in comparison to current pricing. Also, the new data pack comes as a data rate cutter for 12 months. After recharging with this pack, users can enjoy 1 GB 3G/4G data at just Rs 57, 2 GB 3G/4G at Rs 99 and 5GB 3G/4G data at Rs 251.

Many of you might be thinking what’s new in it as we have seen such plans before. But, unlike the past plans from other telcos, you can top up with data packs as many times as you want.

For example, if your data requisite for a month is 10GB then you can top up with the Rs. 251 voucher twice after recharging with Rs 1498. If we divide Rs 1498 as per monthly charges, it will be around Rs124 per month for next 12 months. And if you need 10GB of data it will cost – Rs 124 + 251 +251, which totals to Rs. 626. It also means that 1GB of data would cost only Rs 62. For the ones who spend around 40GB 4G/3G data every month, it will cost Rs 2132, which comes to Rs 54 per 1GB.

Considering the current data rates for 40GB data pack, it costs around Rs 3500, but now by recharging with the voucher 40GB data users can save up to 70%. Regarding availability of the plan, the pack is available in most of the circles including all metro circles like Kolkata and Delhi.

Those who prefer short validity packs, they can recharge with Rs 797 to get similar benefits for 6 months. Unlike the extended 12 month validity pack, six-month will cost a more as it charges Rs. 99 for 1GB top up and Rs 259 for 2.5 GB top up. Doing the math, it comes to Rs. 642 for 5GB data, twice 2.5GB (Rs. 259+ Rs. 259) top up. For a typical data user who spends less than 2GB, it wouldn’t give enough value for money. However, it would help thousands of data customers who use more mobile data (ranging from 7GB to 60GB on mobile).

Also, as an inaugural offer, both the data packs offer 1GB of 3G/4G data as a one-time benefit for a successful recharge. The pricing of these packs may differ as per circles.

Take a look what these packs has to offer :

Price Benefits 3G/4G Data Top Up Rates Validity Per month wise charge Data Rates (eg:) Per GB wise Data cost How much cheaper than market rate
Rs 1498 1 GB Data for first 28 days. 1 GB : Rs 57

2 GB : Rs 99

5 GB : Rs 251

12 months Rs 124 10 GB : Rs 626
40 GB : 2132
Rs 50-65/ GB Upto 70%
Rs 747 1 GB Data for first 28 days. 1 GB : Rs 99

2.5 GB : 251

6 months Rs 124 5 GB : 642

Our Take: 

We at TelecomTalk think that these new data packs from Bharti Airtel offer what people were demanding from past five years. Though, it’s launched targeting high value or Max ARPU customers who have heavy data usage. With this pack, Airtel undoubtedly puts pressure on Jio. Also, Airtel’s superior 3G coverage and presence would elevate the data war to another level. Airtel removed night data terms from these packs, which is expected to benefit thousands of Airtel customers.

This move might just place Airtel’s 4G among the list of cheapest data packs providers.This move by Airtel is expected to cause an impact on Vodafone and Idea. It might just push them to launch similar data plans. It would be interesting how this data war turns out after other telcos start following what Airtel has done.

Note: Do cross check with Airtel before opting any plans.

What’s your take on these new data packs by Airtel? Share your views through the comment section below.

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