Airtel to Invest Heavily to get 4G connectivity in Punjab – in Partnership with the Govt of Punjab

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airtl 4G in punjabAirtel and the Government of Punjab today signed an agreement on the sidelines of the Progressive Punjab Investors Summit, under which Airtel will take its high speed 4G LTE services to all towns and villages across Punjab . Airtel will be investing around Rs 4000 crores over the next 5 years to expand services and contribute to the Government of Punjab’s digital inclusion agenda.

Airtel launched mobile services in Punjab in 2002 and 4G LTE services in Chandigarh Tri-City in March 2013. Till date, it has invested over Rs 4800 crores in its operations in the State and its mobile network covers all 162 towns and 12,750 villages, reaching 94% of the population.

In addition, Airtel will invest in its existing 2G mobile operations, Wireline & DSL Broadband, DTH services, M-Commerce Services offering in the State. It will also expand its Enterprise Services offerings that provide end-to-end technology solutions to Corporates and SMEs.


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