Airtel Rwanda Becomes the First Telco to Launch 4G LTE Network in Rwanda

Airtel Rwanda becomes the first MNO to introduce its own 4G LTE Network, offering high-speed internet at existing 3G prices, promoting digital inclusivity.


  • Airtel Rwanda launches its own 4G LTE Network for customers.
  • Customers can access 4G speeds at the same prices as existing 3G plans.
  • The move drives higher adoption of 4G devices, promoting digital inclusion in Rwanda.

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Airtel Rwanda Becomes the First Telco to Launch 4G LTE Network in Rwanda

Airtel Rwanda officially launched its highly anticipated 4G LTE Network, which is now available to individuals, homes, and businesses across the country on Sunday. Airtel has become Rwanda's first Mobile Network Operator (MNO) to obtain its own 4G license and launch its own 4G network, enabling the company to provide high-speed internet connectivity through its Network, according to the official statement.

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Airtel Rwanda's Own 4G LTE Network

The launch of the Airtel 4G LTE Network is made possible after having the operating licenses amended to enable the launch of 4G LTE Network services. Until recently, Airtel could only provide LTE-based services through wholesale provider Korea Telecom Rwanda Networks (KTRN) infrastructure. Earlier this year, in February, the government announced a change in the license of KTRN to allow other telcos to deploy their own 4G Networks.

Seamless Transition to 4G with 3G Tariffs

Airtel Rwanda has launched the 4G Tariff Plans at the same prices as the existing 3G plans in an event held at Airtel Rwanda's Nyarutarama office. This means all existing 4G Plans work on the 4G Network.

Airtel stated, "This seamless transition to 4G provides customers with faster internet speeds while retaining the simplicity and familiarity of their current plans. Moreover, all popular "Ubuntu" packs, including free minutes, SMS, and data, will now encompass 4G services, making it effortless for customers to activate LTE mode on their handsets."

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Advancing Digital Inclusivity in Rwanda

By offering 4G speeds at the prices of 3G, Airtel Rwanda aims to not only enhance broadband accessibility but also drive higher adoption rates of 4G devices, eliminating the barrier of high costs and ensuring a wider digital inclusion among Rwandans.

Airtel stated that the launch of the Airtel 4G LTE network coincides with the publication of Rwanda's National Broadband Policy in October 2022, spearheaded by the Ministry of ICT and Innovation.

The policy focuses on enhancing service quality, competition, ensuring last-mile coverage, promoting affordability, and fostering innovations. Airtel stated that it is dedicated to developing innovative products that align with the government's goals and cater to the evolving demands of consumers.

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Expansion of Network Infrastructure

Airtel intends to expand its network infrastructure to bridge the digital divide while continuing to contribute significantly to the growth of Rwanda's ICT sector. Airtel said its mission is to deliver an ultra-fast and ultra-reliable network, offering seamless connectivity for homes and businesses, thereby advancing the drive for greater digital inclusivity across Rwanda.

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