Airtel Kenya Launches 5G Services, Accelerating Digital Connectivity

Airtel becomes the second telecom operator in Kenya to roll out 5G services, offering enhanced connectivity to customers.


  • Airtel Kenya introduces its 5G network, providing enhanced connectivity to customers.
  • Airtel 5G Router supports seamless connectivity for up to 64 devices, offering lightning-fast speeds.
  • Bonus data and incentives offered to drive 5G adoption and reward customers.

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Airtel Kenya Launches 5G Services, Accelerating Digital Connectivity

Airtel Kenya has officially announced the launch of its 5G services, becoming the second telco to launch 5G services in the country. Airtel Kenya has announced that over 370 5G sites are now live in 16 counties and 180 wards nationwide.

Earlier in June, Airtel Kenya announced that it would introduce 5G in July 2023, and as planned, the company has now launched its 5G services. At that time, Airtel also unveiled a comprehensive network expansion strategy with 649 new sites to meet growing data service demand.

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Airtel Kenya's recent developments extend beyond the launch of their 5G network. In May 2023, the company introduced a fresh brand positioning, "A Reason to Imagine," accompanied by the rollout of VoLTE (Voice over LTE) service and the availability of an affordable 1GB data pack.

Airtel Kenya acquired an additional 60 MHz of spectrum in the 2600 MHz band from the Communications Authority of Kenya in July 2022. This spectrum acquisition, valid for 15 years, will allow Airtel Kenya to enhance its network infrastructure and provide better customer service.

Experiencing Airtel Kenya's 5G

To experience the benefits of 5G, Airtel Kenya users can choose between utilizing the Airtel 5G Router or a 5G-compatible smartphone.

Airtel 5G Router

The Airtel 5G Router, which is available for purchase at KES 10,000 is also compatible with 3G and 4G LTE networks and offers remarkable features. It supports simultaneous connections for up to 64 devices and Airtel offers a 10GB sign-on bonus upon completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Users can expect unparalleled network stability, guaranteeing a reliable and uninterrupted connection with the router, according to Airtel Kenya.

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Airtel Kenya 5G Home Broadband Packages

For home broadband users, Airtel Kenya presents two 5G packages. The 5G Ultra - 10GB daily bundle, priced at KES 2,999, provides 300GB of data (10GB per day) with a validity of 30 days. Alternatively, customers can opt for the 5G Ultra - 20GB daily bundle, offering 600GB of data (20GB per day) at KES 5,000 for 30 days.

Bonus Data for 6 Months

To encourage adoption and drive 5G usage, Airtel Kenya sweetens the deal by providing 50 percent bonus data for the first six months with the purchase of these 5G Home Broadband bundles. It's worth noting that these plans do not offer data rollover.

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Airtel Kenya 5G Enterprise Broadband Packages

Addressing the needs of enterprise users, Airtel Kenya has also introduced three enterprise broadband packages catering to diverse connectivity requirements.

The 5G Unlimited plans, with 10 Mbps, 30 Mbps, and 50 Mbps speeds, are priced at KES 3,500, KES 5,500, and KES 7,500, respectively. Each plan comes with a Fair Usage Policy, offering usage limits of 10TB, 15TB, and 20TB, ensuring a balance between optimal performance and equitable distribution of network resources.

Experience Airtel 5G on Smartphone

Customers with 5G-compatible smartphones can also access the network and enjoy high-speed connectivity. Airtel Kenya rewards customers who activate their 5G smartphones on their network with a one-time bonus of 10GB of free data, to fully experience the 5G technology. Currently there are no specific plans for 5G and all existing data plans will work on 5G.

With the introduction of its 5G network, Airtel Kenya reaffirms its commitment to empowering Kenyans with cutting-edge connectivity solutions.

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