Bharti Airtel Rs 401 Disney+ Hotstar VIP Plan Revised to Offer 30GB Data

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Disney+ Hotstar is one of the most popular OTT platforms in India. It offers a range of shows in multiple Indian languages. Telcos have introduced new prepaid plans which include the benefit of Disney+ Hotstar VIP after the launch of the streaming platform. Both Jio and Airtel are offering Disney+ Hotstar to its customers with their prepaid plans. Jio offers comparatively more plans than Airtel’s prepaid plans which offer Disney+ Hotstar benefit. Airtel, a few months back introduced its prepaid plan of Rs 401 which offered customers the benefit of Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription of one year for free. Now this plan has been boosted by Airtel and it comes with 10 times more data than before.

Airtel Disney+ Hotstar VIP Plan Offering 10 Times More Data

When Airtel introduced the plan, it came with no calling or SMS benefit but only offered data and a free subscription of Disney+ Hotstar VIP for one year. The plan came with only 3GB of data. So it wasn’t really the perfect fit for someone who primarily wanted data. It was more like subscribing to the Disney+ Hotstar VIP plan which originally costs Rs 399 for a year.

But now, Airtel has revamped its Rs 401 Disney+ Hotstar VIP plan and is offering 10 times more data than it used to. So earlier the plan came with 3GB of data and after the change, it is offering 30GB data. There is no change in the cost of the plan. It costs Rs 401 which is what it used to cost before. The validity of the plan is the same, which is 28 days.

The Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription will bring you access to all the Hindi content along with content in other regional languages of India as well. There are more plans from Airtel which offer Disney+ Hotstar VIP benefit of 1 year. These plans are of Rs 2,698 (2GB/day and validity of 1 year), Rs 599 (2GB/day and validity of 56 days) and Rs 448 (3GB/day and validity of 28 days). There is a first recharge plan of Rs 499 which offers the same benefits as of Rs 448 plan.

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