Airtel Rewards123 Digital Savings Account Officially Launched in India

Bharti Airtel has officially launched the Airtel ‘Rewards123’ savings account for the users in India


Last month, we shared the offering of Airtel ‘Rewards123’ Digital Savings Account in India. Today, the telco has launched it officially for its subscribers. Users can get up to annual benefits of Rs 960 with the said savings account. Further, the ‘Rewards123’ account can be accessed from any part of the country through the Airtel Thanks application.

The release from Airtel says that the ‘Rewards123’ savings account is designed to help users gain consistent benefits out of every online transaction they make. The cashback and benefits provided to the users will be capped at Rs 960 per year.

But, users need to pay a fee if they want to get a ‘Rewards123’ account from the telco.

Airtel Rewards123 Savings Account Cost

To upgrade to the ‘Rewards123’ savings account, users will need to pay Rs 299 annually. For upgrading, users will have to complete the video KYC through the Airtel Thanks application. After upgrading, users will get access to a plethora of benefits mentioned below.

Whenever users load Rs 1,000 to their account through UPI ID, they will receive a 1% cashback of up to Rs 10 per month. There are shopping rewards as well. Users can get a 2% cashback on their online purchases of Rs 1,000 through their platinum debit card. The monthly reward limit for shopping is capped at Rs 40.

Lastly, on any payments of postpaid, landline, broadband, and DTH connection, the user will be eligible to receive a flat cashback of up to Rs 30 every month.

Other benefits of the Airtel Rewards123 account include zero minimum balance and a free Platinum Online Mastercard Debit Card, and unlimited deposits with the auto-sweep facility.

Do note that the ‘Rewards123’ savings account service has been active for quite some time, but the telco has announced its arrival officially today only. Airtel users who make a ton of online transactions can benefit from the ‘Rewards123’ account service.

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