Bharti Airtel Family Add on Plans or Each Man for Himself: To Get Postpaid or Not

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Bharti Airtel has been known to set itself apart from the other telecom operators by offering very differentiated services. The same has been true for all the segments that Bharti Airtel is operating in. Whether it is in prepaid, broadband or postpaid, Bharti Airtel always has something different to offer its subscribers to make sure that it is able to lure the customers to its network. This time around, we are looking at one of the features which the Airtel postpaid plans offer. It is worth noting that Airtel postpaid plans have been known to offer the add-on connection feature since the starting, and it was later that Vodafone’s RED postpaid plans also started offering the same. However, there is always the question with the add-on plans, whether they would suffice for the family or not. The second option remains to take a separate prepaid or postpaid connection. So, let’s see which one is more favourable for the subscribers.

Bharti Airtel Postpaid Plans: What's Different than the Rest?

Firstly, before we move on to this analysis, it is crucial to note that we won’t be taking the Rs 499 postpaid plan under the consideration as it does not come with any add-on connection feature. The first plan under the Bharti Airtel postpaid roster which ships with add-on connection is the Rs 749 postpaid plan.

The Rs 749 postpaid plan comes with two add-on connections, and it offers 125GB data with the data rollover feature every month. Bundled with this is unlimited calling for both the connections which the subscribers get. Speaking of additional benefits, there is, of course, the Airtel Thanks benefit which includes a year worth of Amazon Prime subscription, Airtel Xstream subscription, Netflix for three months, ZEE5 and Handset protection as well.

The Elephant in the Room: Will Prepaid Plans Be a Better Deal?

Now the thing to note with this plan is that approximately, the per-connection cost with this plan comes out to be Rs 375 per month and the data that every subscriber gets rounds off to a little more than 60GB. As you can probably imagine, a comparable prepaid plan to this benefit is the Rs 249 prepaid plan by Airtel which offers 2GB daily data. This prepaid plan also offers unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. The plan comes with 28 days of validity. Speaking of additional benefits, the prepaid plan ships with Rs 4 Lakh Term Life Insurance Cover from HDFC Life, Wynk Music, Airtel Xstream app subscription, free four-week course from Shaw academy, and Norton Mobile Security for a year.

When it comes to data and calling benefit, the subscribers of both postpaid plans enjoy almost the same benefits, and it is in the extra benefits department that the two plans differ. So, in the end, it boils down to the consumers if they value an Amazon Prime and Netflix subscription, then postpaid plan with add on connection would be a totally worthy choice. In another scenario, the prepaid plan would make much more sense. But, it can be said that when it comes to data and calling, the prepaid and postpaid plans seem worthy of the price tag even though postpaid plans have been known to be comparatively costly.

Airtel Rs 999 Postpaid Plan: Benefits and Other Details

The same case is seen with the Rs 999 postpaid plan by Bharti Airtel, which offers 150GB data and a total of 4 connections which include 3 regular connections and one add-on connection. Since the ticket size of this plan is more, the benefit is more evenly distributed, and the per-connection cost comes down even further. So, for a big family, the Airtel Rs 999 plan could be the right choice.

With all this being said, we can be sure that for a prepaid to postpaid comparison, the postpaid plans take a win when it is about Amazon Prime and Netflix benefit, but in case a subscriber wants to access more data and has a heavy data usage, then the Airtel prepaid plan portfolio offers a wide range of plans. Airtel also ships a higher Rs 1,599 postpaid plan which comes with one family add-on and a single regular connection, but this plan offers international calling benefits which makes it comparatively more expensive.

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