Airtel starts offering double data on its 3G and 4G plans

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Recently, Idea Cellular started offering double data on all its 4G packs as a part of its 4G launch in all the circles in the southern part of India. In order to maintain competitive edge over Idea, Airtel has also started offering double data on most of its 3G/4G plans in the Kerala circle.


Airtel is offering double data on all 3G and 4G plans starting from Rs. 247 and above. For 3G packs, Airtel is offering 100 percent extra 4G data, which can be used only in 4G network. Airtel has also upgraded all its 3G plans, which can now be used on 4G networks. Airtel, which doesn’t have a 3G spectrum in Kerala, rides on Idea network for its 3G service.

Airtel double data plan details for 3G and 4G

Rs 2471GB 4G data + 1GB 4G data28 days
Rs 2481GB 3G data + 1GB 4G data26 days
Rs 3481.5GB 3G data + 1.5GB 4G data28 days
Rs 4472GB 4G data + 2GB 4G data28 days
Rs 4492GB 3G data + 2GB 4G data28 days
Rs 6473GB 4G data + 3GB 4G data28 days
Rs 6553GB 3G data +3GB 4G data28 days
Rs 8475GB 4G data + 5GB 4G data28 days
Rs  8514GB 3G data + 4GB 4G data28 days

A few months back, Airtel became the first operator to launch 4G service in the Kerala circle, and it started offering 4G data at 3G prices. Since then, Vodafone and Idea have launched 4G services in Kerala. The 4G battle is getting fierce in Kerala circle as all three operators are fighting it out for the biggest pie of the 4G market share in the state.

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