Airtel Digital TV Offering Many Long Term Plans for Subscribers With Free Extra Days and Discounts

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There are a handful of DTH operators out there in the industry right now who are stealing all the attention from the subscribers. While the new Trai tariff regime has given a window of opportunity to these operators to lure subscribers and struck a new wave of competition, the DTH operators are rolling out new offers, discounts, channel packs to attract customers. Of course, at the apex of this list is Tata Sky which has quickly climbed to the top. But, the DTH arm of Bharti Airtel, Airtel Digital TV is also offering some very unique benefits to the consumers, especially when it comes to long term packs. While other offerings from the competing DTH operators might look a little lukewarm, that is not the case with Airtel Digital TV. The DTH operator has lots of choices for the subscribers when it comes to offering annual packs for the customers. Here we take a look at some of these packs which the subscribers can get straight up for a year, and forget about the hassle of recharging again and again.


Airtel Digital TV Annual and Semi-Annual Packs

One of the popular packs which the subscribers will have access to as part of this list is the Dabang pack. The Dabang pack by Airtel Digital TV is available under various options and various time frames. While some variants of the Dabang pack are available for quarterly or semi-annual subscription, some are available for a full annual subscription as well. For example, if you take up the Dabang HD 12M pack then, it will come with an annual subscription, and it will set back the subscribers by Rs 3,264, and with taxes, the total cost would be Rs 3,851. And since it is an HD pack, it will include channels like AAJ TAK HD, &TV HD, Animal Planet World HD and more. On the same lines, there is also a Dabang HD 6M month, which, as the name denotes comes with a six-month validity. The pricing of this pack is Rs 1,781 without taxes and Rs 2,101 after taxes.

Subscribers Getting Discount On Long Term Packs

It is also crucial to note that while calculating the cost of these two packs, the monthly subscription cost of the annual pack comes out to be Rs 272, whereas, for the 6 months pack, it turns out to be about Rs 297. Hence, it can be said that Airtel Digital TV is also giving some discount on the annual packs as well.

Not only this, but there are a lot of regional channel packs as well in the Airtel Digital TV Long-Term plan portfolio. For example, there is the AP Mega HD 12M pack which comes for Rs 7,811 inclusive of taxes. There is a similar 3 months pack, called AP Mega HD 3M which comes for Rs 2,131 and a 6 months version as well retailing for Rs 4,261. The subscribers wishing to save some money and going for the SD variant of the channel pack will also be able to find choices as there is the AP Mega SD 6M pack for Rs 3,121. For slightly less channels, there is the AP My Family pack for Airtel Digital TV subscribers which comes with a 12 month subscription period and is available for Rs 6,512

Subscribers Getting 7 Extra Free Service Days in 3 Months Subscription

One interesting noticeable thing here in the Airtel Digital TV portfolio is that select plans like the AP My Family HD 3M plan come with 7 days extra service period over its usual subscription time of three months. So, in a three months period, the subscribers get 7 additional days, and the total amount they have to pay is Rs 1,776. Same will be the case for Gujarat My Family pack, and packs in other regional languages.

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