Airtel Broadband Subscribers Get Unlimited Data Option For Every Plan But With Additional Cost

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Bharti Airtel broadband plans are some of the most attractive broadband plans out there. Even before there were many players in the broadband industry, Airtel has been on the task of increasing the attractiveness of its broadband plans in the run-up to the launch of JioFiber. Previously, Airtel Broadband, or now known as Airtel Xstream Fibre was also not offering gigabit-speed plans for the subscribers, but now even that gap has been filled by the telecom company. There is no doubt that a lot of the customers out there are now opting for the Airtel Xstream Fibre plans because of the benefits which they offer. However, there is one interesting feature of these plans which make them stand apart from the rest, and it has to do with unlimited data. One of the major attractions of any broadband plan in the industry right now is how much data the plan ships. The consumers opting for broadband plans are now increasingly opting for unlimited data plans, but there are very less plans which offer the same. But, with Airtel Xstream Fibre connections, there is a very interesting proposition.


Airtel Xstream Fibre Unlimited Data Options

Bharti Airtel Xstream Fibre subscribers have the option of increasing the data limit of their plans by paying a little more money over their monthly rental. It is worth noting that this is a unique feature which Airtel is offering for its subscribers. The amount that the subscribers will have to pay for extra data is Rs 299 over the monthly rental. For example, in the case of the Basic plan under Airtel Xstream Fibre, the total data which the subscribers usually enjoy is 150GB, with up to 100 Mbps speed and unlimited local and STD calls. The monthly rental of this plan is Rs 799, but by adding Rs 299 more to this plan, the subscribers can bump up their monthly data allowance on this plan to unlimited. So, the subscribers will be paying Rs 1,098, but they would be enjoying unlimited data.

Airtel Xstream Fibre Unlimited Data Broadband Plan

However, things change a little bit in the case of the VIP broadband plan, which is available for Rs 3,999 monthly rental. The plan already ships unlimited data. But, even with this plan there is a little catch. The actual limit of the plan is 3.3TB or 3,300GB data per month. The speeds which the subscribers enjoy is 1 Gbps, and along with this, the subscribers also enjoy unlimited local and STD calling.

Other Benefits With Airtel Broadband Plans

This is not the only unique feature which the Airtel Broadband or the Airtel Xstream Fibre plans are shipping for its subscribers. But, when it comes to additional benefits as well. Airtel Xstream Fibre plans have a unique edge. For example, for all the plans including Rs 999 and above, Bharti Airtel Broadband plans are offering an entire year of Amazon Prime subscription and three months of Netflix subscription as well. Apart from this, the subscribers also get Airtel Xstream subscription and ZEE5 subscription too with their connection.

Airtel Broadband plans include the Rs 799 plan which we discussed above, the Entertainment plan for Rs 999 offering 300GB data, with 200 Mbps speed and unlimited local/STD calling. There is also a premium plan of Rs 1,499 offering 500GB data per month with up to 300 Mbps speed with unlimited local and STD calling. This is in addition to the Rs 3,999 VIP plan, which we also mentioned above.

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