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Airtel Black

Bharti Airtel, one of the leading telecom operators in the country, wants users to have the convenience of paying one bill for different services. There are multiple customers of the telco who purchase all broadband, DTH, and mobile services but have to pay separately for everything. To solve this issue for the users, the company has announced Airtel Back plan of Rs 2,099 that will offer customers everything from a broadband, DTH, and mobile services. There are more plans and benefits that Bharti Airtel will be offering to the customers with these plans.

Airtel Black Plans Listed

Airtel Black Plan

The Rs 2,099 plan will allow users to get a maximum of 3 postpaid connections, 1 fiber connection and 1 DTH connection. The Rs 1,598 plan will offer users a maximum of 2 postpaid connections and 1 fiber connection.

With the Rs 1,349 plan, users will get a maximum of 3 postpaid connections and 1 DTH connection. Lastly, the Rs 998 plan will offer users a maximum of 2 mobile connections and 1 DTH connection.

Customers Who Can Avail Airtel Black Plans

Note that not every customer of the telco can avail the Airtel Black plan. If the user is on Airtel’s prepaid service, he/she isn’t eligible for the service from Bharti Airtel. A postpaid connection is mandatory for being a part of this plan. Airtel customers who already use one of the above-mentioned services can opt for adding one or two more services to be a part of the Airtel Black plan.

For signing up for one of the Airtel Black plans’, users can go to the company’s website or the mobile app. The one bill for all the services generated will come to the user’s account in the Airtel Thanks application.

The Airtel Xstream Box under this offer can be availed by the users for refundable security of Rs 1,500. The security will only be refunded if the user doesn’t return the box within one year. Another thing that you should note is that Airtel is allowing users to unbundle the benefits and opt for Airtel Black plan.

The company has said that under the plan, for any new service availed by the user, he/she will get the first 30 days worth of free service from the company for that particular connection. For DTH, the users get the Rs 465 channel pack from the company for free.

What are the Benefits of Airtel Black Plans?

The prime benefit of the Airtel Black plan is that users will get one bill for all of the services mentioned above. Further, there will be a dedicated relationship team and a call center available for the users. All the queries or problems of customers on the Airtel Black plans will be solved on priority by the company. The company promises to pick up the call of the customers in 60 seconds or less.

Further, customers won’t have to pay anything for switching or installation costs under this service. For all the service visits, the company won’t charge anything. There is also a ‘Buy Now and Pay Later’ service on the Airtel Shop provided by the company to the users under this service.

Airtel Black Custom Plan

Bharti Airtel is also offering the users an option to create a custom Airtel Black plan. Users can take any of the plans of the company available in the market and create their custom plans. This will allow customers in getting exactly what they want from the company and still be able to pay for all the services under one bill.

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