Birla Furukawa Moving Ahead With High Density Fiber Installation to Keep Up With Demand

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Birla Furukawa Fibre Optics Private Limited is a newly formed joint venture company between Universal Cables Limited India and Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. A fiber-optic connection is not only something that has grown in demand for FTTH connections, but the most heavy-duty fiber cable application is in data-centre to a data-center connection which requires high data uplink and downlink capacity. To accomplish that, in an industry-first move, this joint venture company has installed a high-density 6912 fiber optic cable into a 1.25-inch diameter conduit for existing data-center needs.

High-Density Fiber Installation in Conduits

This, of course, is connected to the global rise in data demand. All across the globe, the data demand and specially wired broadband connections have increased, which has led to these companies, along with data centers, to increase their fiber capacity. The company statement highlighted that the high bandwidth demand had necessitated this move to avoid expensive installations, which are not only uneconomic but also time-consuming.

The joint venture company between Universal Cables and Furukawa Electric does not only offer 400G connectivity services but also has a host of other offerings for businesses and data centers like a blueprint, installation support, inspection tracking, training, streamlined logistics, and an extended 25-year warranty.

Nitin Nayak, Data Center-Business Head at Birla Furukawa, remarked that the demand for cables with ultra-high fiber count such as 3,000 fibers and above has shot up in recent times. This has necessitated the installation of as many fibers as possible in the existing conduits.

AccuTube+Rollable Ribbon Fiber Technology

The fiber maker highlighted that its installation makes use of AccuTube+Rollable Ribbon Fiber which allows for maximum duct utilisation, which is important in high fiber count conduits. It also offers solutions in 6912F, 3456F, 1728F, including 30mm outer diameter cables to fit into 1.5-inch conduits.

The company is also involved in offering OCEF for Mass Fusion Splicing, High-Density Trunk Cables, High-Density Fiber termination Shelf, HD Patch panels, Break out Cables, MPO Cassettes, Ultra Low Loss Patch cords, among others, in addition to splice closures. It goes without saying that with the rising data demand, the requirement for such high-density fiber installations in the conduit will only increase.

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