Airtel Africa Launches Airtel Ads Platform

Powered by and FonYou, Airtel Ads is designed for advertisers, media agencies, and businesses.


  • Africa's first Integrated Demand-Side Platform.
  • Efficient management, purchase, and optimisation of digital ad inventory.
  • Utilizes diverse data sets for precise audience targeting.

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Airtel Africa Launches Airtel Ads Platform
Airtel Africa has announced the launch of Airtel Ads, which it claims to be Africa's first Integrated Demand-Side Platform (DSP), enabling advertisers and agencies to efficiently manage, purchase, and optimize digital ad inventory across multiple ad exchanges in real-time. The announcement was made on the LinkedIn page of Airtel Ads Africa. This announcement follows the recent launch of Airtel Africa Telesonic, a wholesale fiber bandwidth service by Airtel Africa, as reported by TelecomTalk.

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Introduction of Airtel Ads

In a post, Airtel said, "We're thrilled to unveil Airtel Ads in Nigeria, marking a pivotal moment for digital advertising across Africa. With the power of AI and telecom data, we're pioneering personalized, efficient, and accessible advertising solutions for Nigeria's dynamic market."

Powered by and FonYou, Airtel Ads is designed for advertisers, media agencies, and businesses. Airtel's platform lets advertisers to make informed ad placement decisions by combining various tools and functionalities within a single platform.

In a video released by Airtel Ads, Airtel explained, "Airtel Ads provides a solution across diverse data sets, ensuring that you reach your target audience unrestricted by category or budget. It's the ideal platform for businesses of any size and location by tapping into both telco and wallet data."

Features and Benefits

"Airtel ads bridge the digital divide, reaching non-digital audiences through our extensive 2G and feature phone base. The service offers media agencies and businesses of all sizes laser-focused audience targeting using our rich customer database with insights into customer spending behaviours, all integrated into our platform."

"Airtel ads' unique product offerings have changed advertising - from Africa's first single integrated DSP, innovative voice reward ads, and strategic banner placements across our digital channels. We are reimagining Advertising," Airtel Ads said.

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Impact on African Market

The CEO at said, "The launch of Airtel Ads in Nigeria, a landmark moment not just for us but for the digital advertising landscape in Africa. This is the beginning of our journey to transform the digital advertising ecosystem in the world where we're challenging the status quo and addressing the monopoly in the digital advertising space dominated by giants like Facebook and Google. By leveraging AI and telecom data, we aim to offer more personalized, efficient, and accessible advertising solutions that cater to the unique dynamics of the market."

"Our exclusive features such as precise geo-targeting, access to 2G phone users, unparalleled targeting capabilities, voice ads, brand safety, and efficient platform support your unique advertising goals," Airtel added.

Reportedly, With Airtel Ads, Airtel Africa intends to shape the telecommunications landscape in Africa, ensuring businesses are supported to achieve their objectives using data-first tools to inform their business decisions.

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