ACT Fibernet Silently Increases Data Speeds Up to 200 Mbps for Some of Its Broadband Plans

ACT Fibernet has silently increased its data speeds with some of its broadband plans in Hyderabad city. The Internet Service Provider has increased the speed of Rs 1050 broadband plan in Hyderabad city to 100 Mbps, which earlier offered 75 Mbps. The ACT A-Max 1299 plan of Rs 1,299 is now offering 150 Mbps of data speeds (download+upload). Lastly, ACT Fibernet has introduced a 200 Mbps broadband plan in the city, which is the ACT Incredible 1999 plan. Earlier, the Rs 1,999 plan provided users with 150 Mbps speed, but it has now been upgraded to 200 Mbps. ACT also increased the FUP limit on these plans marginally. When it revised the plans back in May 2018, the Rs 1050 plan offered 600GB of FUP per month, but it’s now offering 750GB of data. The Rs 1,299 plan now comes with a monthly FUP of 1TB, up from the earlier 750GB data. Lastly, the Rs 1,999 broadband plan now gives 1.5TB of FUP, which is increased from the earlier 1.25TB of FUP.

ACT Fibernet

This move from ACT Fibernet comes right after the announcement of JioFiber. At the moment, ACT has made changes to its broadband plans only in Hyderabad city, but it’s expected to make the same changes in Bengaluru and other popular cities too. ACT Fibernet, a year ago, has a market share of over 65% in Hyderabad.

On top of the existing plans, the fibre broadband operator is also giving discounts if a user chooses any plan for six months or for a year. For example, a user going for the Rs 1050 broadband plan with 100 Mbps speed and 750GB of FUP for ten months advance rental, ACT Fibernet will offer the user two months of free service and waives off installation charges too. So with this, a user will get a 100 Mbps broadband connection from ACT Fibernet at just Rs 875 per month for one year, as highlighted by the company. For users choosing the rental plan for 18 months, the company will provide six months of free service and zero installation charges.

In Hyderabad city, Bharti Airtel recently removed the FUP from its broadband plans, and now, ACT Fibernet has upgraded the plans. That said, these ISPs are gearing up for the battle with Jio GigaFiber service, which is slated for registrations from August 15.

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July 9, 2018 2:02 pm 2:02 PM

What is the use of extra data or speed if they can’t support customer for issues. I will give their customer care big zero as I don’t have a choice giving less than that.

July 8, 2018 6:23 pm 6:23 PM

Hathway in Chennai has slashed it rates, now they offer 1200gb at 150mbps for rs. 786 including GST.. this is feel is the best plan yet before Jio fiber.

July 8, 2018 6:36 pm 6:36 PM

Do they provide flat 150 mbps for everything though? I saw my friend’s 50 mbps Hathway only giving 10 mbps on torrents. Upon asking him he said Hathway caps speed on torrents. That was weird. Kolkata region here.

July 8, 2018 7:17 pm 7:17 PM

@saurav, yes it’s flat 150mbps for everything… There is no speed cap for anything… I am using it since January this year with no issues … No downtime as well..

July 8, 2018 5:58 pm 5:58 PM

Excitel… Excell ISP’s effect…. Jio Fiber will soon and Join the broadband movement.