ACT Fibernet Stretches Unlimited Data and 300 Mbps Speed Offer to April 30

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ACT Fibernet users across India have been reporting on social media that their unlimited data and 300 Mbps speed offer have been extended to April 30. The company initially announced these offers on March 7 as several companies had already asked the employees to work from home. ACT Fibernet said that the offer would “enhance your work efficiency at home due to the present scenario” but that users would require a compatible router to enjoy the upgraded speeds. While the initial offer from ACT Fibernet was applicable for the month of March, users are now receiving the messages that the offer has been extended to April 30.

ACT Fibernet: The 300Mbps Offer At No Additional Cost

It has to be noted that the 300 Mbps speed offer is not applicable to users on the entry-level plans as these users would get an upgrade to 100 Mbps only. The company’s entry-level plans prior to the upgrade offer were limited to 40 Mbps, 50 Mbps or 75 Mbps depending on the city. With the upgrade offer in March, users of these entry-level plans received speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Meanwhile, users of other plans in March received an unlimited data and speed upgrade offer to 300 Mbps. Interested users were required to login to their ACT Fibernet app and select the upgrade offer. It has now been reported that these users have received a support message that said that offer has been extended to April 30.

“You are already experiencing 300 Mbps speed and enjoying unlimited data,” said Act Fibernet support message. “This will be valid till April 30, 2020. Please ensure that you have the latest router that supports up to 300 Mbps speeds.”

Several users have taken it to social media where they appreciated ACT Fibernet’s act of extending the offer.

“Thanks to @ACTFibernet for This ! Increased bandwidth and reliability at times like this,” Act Fibernet user Srikanth VN, said on Twitter.

With the upgrade offer available across India, the support for ACT Fibernet team was seen from several parts of the country including Hyderabad.

Act Fibernet Plans Begins at Rs 549

With ACT Fibernet present across several states in India, its plans are customised with each city while plan charges range from Rs 549 for 40Mbps plan to Rs 999 for 100Mbps. The company’s plans across Metro cities are comparatively priced higher and typically begins at Rs 799 for 50Mbps. ACT Fibernet also has a Giga plan at certain locations with the company charging Rs 2,999 for 1 Gbps connection.

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