A1 Belarus Enhances 3G Network Capacity With a 900 MHz Second Carrier

A1 has enhanced the capacity of its network by utilizing an additional radio frequency channel in the UMTS-900 range. The telco says this move has resulted in improved coverage in areas outside major cities, ensuring better connectivity and higher quality service.


  • A1 has deployed a second carrier frequency in the 900 MHz range to enhance coverage in rural areas.
  • The 900 MHz frequency provides broader coverage and less signal attenuation compared to the 2100 MHz frequency, making it ideal for serving rural communities.
  • A1 aims to expand the coverage of the second carrier frequency to encompass the entire territory of Belarus by 2024.

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A1 Belarus Enhances 3G Network Capacity With a 900 MHz Second Carrier

A1 Belarus has deployed an additional radio frequency channel in the UMTS-900 band, increasing the capacity of its 3G Network. A1 aims to provide enhanced coverage in rural areas, ensuring a more reliable and high-quality communication experience.

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Deployment in UMTS-900 Band

According to A1 Belarus, selecting the 900 MHz band for the second carrier frequency was a strategic decision. The 900 MHz frequency range is known for its ability to provide broader coverage with minimal signal attenuation, making it ideal for serving communities in rural areas.

Unlike the 2100 MHz band, the 900 MHz radio signal can penetrate various obstacles and offer greater capacity, enabling seamless communication even in challenging landscapes or dense urban development.

Improved Coverage and Reliable Communication

According to A1 Belarus, the new channel has increased the capacity of their 3G Network by almost double within the coverage area of the second carrier frequency. This notable improvement translated into enhanced voice call quality and accelerated mobile internet speeds for A1 customers.

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Targeting Rural Areas and Tourist Hotspots

Currently, the second carrier frequency in the 900 MHz band has been configured to cover regions with high rural population density and significant tourism potential in the Minsk, Vitebsk, and Mogilev oblasts. According to A1, this development has received favorable feedback from residents in small villages, rural areas, holiday resorts, and recreational zones.

"A1 is doing everything possible to ensure that the technical resources at our disposal, including the frequency range, are used with maximum efficiency. The launch of the second carrier frequency in the UMTS-900 network is an example of how this principle is implemented in practice: without the construction of new stations and significant time costs, we were able to provide our subscribers with a more reliable 3G communication and better service," said A1.

Looking ahead, A1 has plans to expand the coverage of the second carrier frequency throughout the entire territory of Belarus. The project is slated for completion in 2024.

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A1's Commitment to Network Enhancement

A1 said it remains committed to enhancing the quality of its network services in the 900 MHz band. As part of this effort, A1 initiated a project in 2021 to replace standard antennas at UMTS-900 base stations with multi-beam antennas, resulting in a 2-3 times increase in network capacity.

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Additionally, in 2022, A1 introduced RAN Sharing technology, which allows operators to share radio access networks to speed up mobile network deployment and improve coverage quality across the country or specific regions.

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