Top Leaders of Tech Industry Have This to Say About 5G

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5G is one of the most awaited tech features that has both consumers and manufacturers at the edge of their seats, since we know the capabilities of the technology but are unable to test it out, at least in India.

In a recent video series that was started by American chipmaker Qualcomm, a panel of experts talk about certain aspects of 5G and the future prospects that it might offer. In the first episode of this series, Qualcomm talks about 5G and how it can shape the future of PCs.

This series, which has been dubbed “The Future Of..” will be one to closely follow, as we will be able to hear the top experts of the industry portray their thoughts regarding the most awaited networking feature, possibly with some information about India-related 5G and its rollout.

What Do The Leaders Have To Say

The first of the top bosses who had something to say about 5G was Lenovo’s Executive Director of Product Management Tom Butler, who, during the discussion stated that people have gone from having one PC for the household to one PC per person over the course of the last year.

This has been caused by remote work becoming more common across the world, leading to an overall imbalance in terms of low-latency, bandwidth, capabilities and most kinds of infrastructure.

With 5G, the issues will be a thing of the past, with 5G solving most bandwidth issues as, even at homes, bandwidth becomes an issue despite having a single or few devices on the network. These aspects of 5G, such as the quality of the network will be quite beneficial.

Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Product Management, Miguel Nunes added that at a time when users demand enterprise-grade low-latency network, 5G will solve all of their wishes.

Furthermore, 5G also gives businesses the ability to have a work connection, separate from a home connection. Security, manageability and mobility will also be key when the 5G rollout begins.

5G will also improve the battery life of laptop PCs, increasing focus on the importance of video conferencing, streaming content, audio clarity, portability, connectivity, security and more are all getting applied from the smartphone into the PC in a bid to make it more mainstream.

To add to all of this, Alex Katouzian, Qualcomm’s Senior VP and General Manager added that there will be multiple AI applications for 5G such as real-time translation and video calls and video conferences becoming smarter.

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