5G Smartphones Generating Consumer Excitement, Optimism in India: CMR

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CyberMedia Research (CMR), a company engaged in market research, consulting and advisory services on Monday said in a report that “there is heightened consumer excitement and optimism around 5G smartphones” in India. The company highlighted that its report is based on its study on “The 5G Future Now” designed to provide a “compelling narrative around what 5G smartphones posit” for the users. According to CMR, 5G capability is emerging as one of the top factors to those users in India purchasing a “premium smartphone” and “seeking to future-proof themselves.”

5G Increasing Video Creation, Consumption

The company said that 5G caused a spike in video creation and consumption amongst 5G smartphone users in China and Western Europe.

“In global markets, 5G smartphones are fuelling video content creation and consumption, video calling, as well as use cases such as mobile gaming, among others,” Prabhu Ram, head-industry intelligence group at CMR, said in the release. “I believe that when 5G becomes available in India within the next two years, it will give a considerable thrust to the increasing trend of short-form video creation and sharing, amongst millennials.”

CMR highlighted that the 5G services provide “superior speeds” with the users noticing the enhanced speeds while uploading, sharing on social media or streaming videos in higher quality “without any lags.”

Besides 5G capability, CMR said that battery life and camera capability are the other top factors influencing a user purchasing a “premium smartphone” in India.

“As per our study findings, Indian consumers are seeking to upgrade to 5G-ready phones driven by the urge to future-proof themselves," Satya Mohanty, head-industry consulting group at CMR, said in the release. "While doing so, they seek to benefit from the overall user experience that the premium device offers, whether it be through smooth everyday performance, AI-enabled cameras, or enhanced mobile gaming capabilities.”

Three in Five Smartphone Users Seeking to Upgrade to 5G Ready Smartphone

CMR highlighted that its study based on an “extensive” user survey “covering” 5000 users between the 18 to 35 age group across India, China and Western Europe. The company said that that the premium smartphones are those devices priced at Rs 25,000 and above.

“I believe the future will be visual, and primarily video-led,” Ram said in the release. “With the extremely low latency of 5G, consumers will be able to upload and stream their content as seamlessly and effortlessly as they stream music today.”

The company said that “nearly three in every five” users who are currently using a premium smartphone are “definitely seeking to upgrade to 5G ready smartphones.”

In India, 81% users responding to the CMR survey are said to have picked Oppo as their preferred 5G smartphone brand followed by Samsung.

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