5G Would Impact Growing India’s Telecom Industry Positively Believes Qualcomm

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5G connectivity would be a positive boost for the Indian telecom industry believes Rajen Vagadia, Vice President and President of Qualcomm and SAARC. India stands to gain a lot from 5G once it arrives in the country. This is because India has a huge market that needs a massive upgrade. Thus the government of the country can release the appropriate amount of spectrum at affordable prices for the telecom operators so that they can test 5G and bring it to the Indian market as soon as possible—more details on the story ahead.

Government Can Trigger Indian Telecom Growth by Releasing 5G Spectrum

As per a report from PTI, Vagadia said that standing as the second-largest telecom market in the world; the Indian telecom industry will see a huge growth if the government releases the 5G spectrum.

Due to the pandemic, data consumption amongst users has only grown, and this is just the beginning, demand for connectivity is only going to grow further from here. Vagadia believes that the time for rolling out 5G services in the country isn’t a choice anymore, but a pre-requisite for the growth and development of India.

He further said that because the networks are congested, the need for spectrum across mmW bands (millimetre wave) is critical right now. 5G is the answer to a lot of questions that the telecom industry is looking for.

Vagadia said, “We are driving conversations at all levels of the ecosystem to catalyse the commercial reality of 5G in the country - from telco, education, healthcare, automotive, medicine to manufacturing.”

He also stressed on the fact that 5G will play a much bigger role than any other previous generation technology played in the growth of various industries across India. Qualcomm has already partnered with several companies across the country and the world to help develop 5G solutions.

Reliance Jio and Qualcomm have tested their 5G solutions and been able to reach a speed of 1 Gbps. So now the decision rests on the hands of the Indian government. As of now, 5G spectrum auctions are not expected to be held until next year.

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