5G Deals with Verizon and Telefonica Broadened by IBM

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IBM 5G Deals

The next-generation mobile network technology, that is, 5G, is booming all over the world at its own pace. Apart from the mobile network itself, many big technology companies offer 5G related services to telecom operators. Telecom operators like Verizon and Telefonica will be offered new services by IBM under its plan to broaden 5G deals, ranging from running 5G over a cloud platform to using artificial intelligence.

5G Networks Are Built Faster On Cloud Platform

Technology giants like Amazon and Microsoft are already competing against each other for a share of 5G revenue by offering next-generation software tools to telecom operators. IBM, the newest competitor in this space, will use the technology it had obtained when it acquired Red Hat, which is a software firm. IBM’s technology will assist telecom operators to run their networks leveraging cloud services.

This will also help telecom operators to sell products tailored to customers. IBM announced its plans to broaden 5G deals on Monday but did not disclose any financial terms about its tie-ups which broadened the company’s existing partnership with the two firms. 5G is bringing a revolution in the way we seek technology. The need for physical equipment to perform network functions will cease to exist and will be replaced by a cloud platform that uses the software. Telecom operators will be able to build 5G networks faster using IBM’s cloud platform. The cloud platform will also reduce costs significantly and will allow telecom operators to sell customised services.

IBM and Telefonica Collaborated to Create a Virtual Assistant

The scope of broadened 5G deals by IBM also includes using artificial intelligence. A virtual assistant was created in a collaborative effort by IBM and Spain’s Telefonica. The two companies believe that the virtual assistant will remove friction points, such as long wait times, by automating the handling of frequently asked questions and tasks such as billing. IBM’s General Manager for Communications Business, Steve Canepa, has issued a statement saying that IBM sees this as an existential moment for telecom operators with 5G who are looking to gain more control on their platforms. He further added that telecom operators are rethinking their network as a digital world rather than a structured physical model.

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