5G Concerns of FAA See Verizon, AT&T Delaying C-Band Services

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Back on Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had issued a bulletin warning the manufacturers, pilots, operators, that 5G can cause interference with the sensitive aircraft electronics. Now, according to a Reuters report, the FAA and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are closely coordinating around the same issue to ensure that the United States (US) is safe for flights in the 5G era and is also in speed with the other nations in rolling out 5G services.

In the same light, AT&T and Verizon, two major telecom operators based out of the US have said that they will be delaying the launch of their C-band wireless service. C-Band spectrum is between 4 GHz to 8 GHz.

No Proven Reports Yet

An interesting thing to note here is that there are no proven reports that 5G transmitters can cause interference with flight operations internationally. Pilots can remind passengers to completely switch off their 5G devices or put them in airplane mode while inside the moving aircraft.

It is worth noting that the aviation industry has been voicing concerns about the C-band spectrum for 5G for a year now. The FAA and FCC are closely working on the matter to determine what is the safest course for the US to follow in the near future.

If the C-band spectrum is found to be an issue in the US, it will be an issue for every country in the process of rolling out 5G networks and services, including India. Thus it will be worth waiting to see what’s the result of the studies done by both parties.

A possible solution should arrive quite soon. Verizon and AT&T have said that they will be delaying the launch of their C-band wireless service. The operators were said to roll out C-band wireless services on December 5, 2021. But that’s not going to happen anymore.

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