2degrees Tests Cell-Towers-In-Space for Remote Cell Coverage in New Zealand

2degrees, in partnership with Lynk Global, has achieved a significant breakthrough in delivering cell coverage to remote areas of New Zealand. The successful trial of cell-towers-in-space technology demonstrates the effectiveness and reliability of the solution, setting the stage for future commercial deployment.


  • 2degrees and Lynk Global achieve breakthrough in remote cell coverage in New Zealand.
  • Successful trial of cell-towers-in-space technology showcases effectiveness and reliability.
  • Expansion of coverage and services expected as more satellites are launched.

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2degrees Tests Cell-Towers-In-Space for Remote Cell Coverage in New Zealand

2degrees, a leading telecommunications provider in New Zealand, says it has achieved a breakthrough in its mission to deliver cell coverage to remote regions. In collaboration with satellite provider Lynk Global, the company successfully conducted a trial that involved sending and receiving messages from "cell-towers-in-space."

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The trial, which took place just north of Whanganui, New Zealand, signifies a step towards offering commercial cell coverage in areas where traditional infrastructure is challenging to deploy.

Successful Trial of 'Cell-Towers-in-Space'

The trial was conducted using several handsets and a Lynk SIM card, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the technology. 2degrees started that this has paved the way for further testing on 2degrees SIM cards. Once this phase is completed, the company will be ready to offer the service to its customers.

Another interesting aspect of the trial was the exchange of messages that included emojis, which Lynk Global believes to be a world first. In one message, sent from the satellite, it humorously read, "New satellite - who dis? Just kidding. Hi 2degrees - this is Lynk Global here."

The subsequent conversation included satellite-related jokes, showcasing the successful communication between the satellite and mobile devices.

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Expansion of Coverage and Services

2degrees said while initially limited to times when Lynk satellites are passing overhead, the coverage and services are expected to expand over time. As Lynk Global launches more satellites, the frequency of overpasses will increase, resulting in more extensive coverage across New Zealand.

According to the statement, the expansion is set to occur rapidly over the next couple of years, and 2degree's goal is to provide a full cell service unbound by the country's geographic constraints.

According to 2degrees, the forthcoming service will not only encompass SMS but also include voice and data services. This development is seen as a game changer, as it will enable Kiwis to connect seamlessly regardless of their location within New Zealand or even its territorial waters.

Lynk said, Having conducted over 24 trials worldwide, Lynk is now committed to launching its commercial services within the next few months.

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Full Cell Service Unbound by Geographic Constraints

New Zealand's unique geography and vast areas of low population density make it an ideal candidate for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology. As the plans for commercialization progress, 2degrees aims to be the first in the New Zealand market to offer this revolutionary cell coverage solution, providing Kiwis with reliable connectivity in even the most remote areas.

With the successful trial and the partnership between 2degrees and Lynk Global, New Zealand is edging closer to achieving comprehensive cell coverage nationwide.

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