2degrees and Lynk Global Bring Satellite-To-Phone Coverage to New Zealand

2degrees has partnered with Lynk Global to offer satellite-to-phone connectivity to its customers. This collaboration aims to ensure uninterrupted connectivity, even in areas without terrestrial mobile coverage, using Lynk's innovative 'cell-towers-in space' technology.


  • 2degrees partners with Lynk Global to provide satellite-to-phone connectivity in New Zealand.
  • Lynk's 'cell-towers-in space' technology extends coverage to rural and maritime areas.
  • Initially, the service allows messaging, with voice and data services to follow.

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2degrees and Lynk Global Bring Satellite-To-Phone Coverage to New Zealand

New Zealand telecommunications provider, 2degrees, has announced a commercial contract with Lynk Global, to offer satellite-to-phone connectivity to its customers across the country. This partnership aims to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for New Zealanders, even in areas without terrestrial mobile coverage, by utilising Lynk's 'cell-towers-in space' technology. First-of-a-kind agreement in New Zealand prepares for 2degrees’ commercial launch of the service later this year, says Lynk.

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Ensuring Connectivity Across New Zealand

The agreement signifies a significant step forward for 2degrees in its commitment to keeping customers connected regardless of their location. CEO Mark Callander expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We continue to be excited about the partnership with Lynk, which will allow 2degrees' customers to stay connected in areas outside traditional mobile coverage."

Benefits of 'Cell-Towers-in Space' Technology

Callander further mentioned that 2degrees recently conducted a trial of Lynk's sat2phone technology in New Zealand and is eager to transition from the trial phase this month to commercial service later this year.

Initial Service Offerings: Messages and More

Lynk CEO and Co-Founder, Charles Miller, emphasized that 2degrees is an ideal partner due to its dedication to leveraging the latest technology for ubiquitous connectivity. Miller highlighted the capabilities of Lynk's cell-towers-in-space, which will extend coverage to rural and maritime areas, benefiting emergency services and ensuring continuity for IoT devices.

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Initially, the sat2phone service will enable 2degrees customers to send and receive messages on their existing mobile phones when a Lynk satellite is overhead. As Lynk launches more satellites, the service will be available for longer durations, eventually encompassing voice and data services.

To promote the new service, 2degrees has launched an advertising campaign, social media outreach, and customer communications. However, CEO Mark Callander stressed that communication efforts will align with the technology's development.

He stated, "2degrees is nothing if not straight up. We will keep customers informed about the actual progress, direct-to-cell satellites in operation, and the availability of the service, which is likely to be later this year."

Embracing New Zealand's Outdoor Lifestyle

Callander further emphasized that while New Zealand benefits from world-class mobile technology, the country is not confined to urban living. It is a nation of outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers, farmers, and boat enthusiasts. Through its partnership with Lynk, 2degrees aims to explore the best ways to provide connectivity for customers when they venture beyond traditional coverage areas.

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2degrees Received C-Band Spectrum

Furthermore, just days ago, the New Zealand Government announced contracts with major telecommunications companies, including 2degrees, to grant spectrum in the C-Band (3.5 GHz) for the expedited deployment of 5G services. As part of this, 2degrees will receive 80 MHz spectrum in the 3500 MHz band to establish a nationwide 5G network.

With this collaboration, 2degrees demonstrates its commitment to innovation and ensuring seamless connectivity for its customers, regardless of their location within New Zealand.

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