Upcoming Xiaomi Redmi 7 Likely to Sport a Smaller 2900mAh Battery

Xiaomi is known for shaving off battery capacities on its smartphones. Over the last few years, the company has built a reputation for reducing battery sizes compared to its older smartphones. The Redmi 3s and Redmi 4 featured a 4000mAh battery but the Redmi 5 arrived with a 3300mAh battery and the Redmi 6 rocked even a smaller 3000mAh battery. Now, a new Xiaomi smartphone carrying model number- M1901F9T passed through Chinese regulatory portal TENAA, and there’s a disappointment out there. This M1901F9T Xiaomi smartphone is confirmed to sport a 2900mAh battery. Considering the model number, we expect this phone to be part of the Redmi 7 series, which is said to be released sometime early next year. Do make a note that other models- M1901F7C, M1901F7E, and M1901F7T already passed 3C certification in China.


Xiaomi Redmi 7: Specifications and Features

Going by the TENAA certification, the M1901F9T is expected to be the Redmi 7 or even the Redmi 7 Pro. The TENAA listing reveals the phone will have a 5.84-inch display, but the resolution is not revealed though. That said, the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro arrived with a 5.84-inch Full HD+ display. If the M1901F9T is believed to be the Redmi 7 Pro, then it would be a huge disappointment as the Redmi 6 Pro arrived with a 4000mAh battery.

Furthermore, the listing reveals the phone will run MIUI 10 out of the box, but the Android version was not revealed. However, most of the recent Xiaomi smartphones arrived with Android 8.1 Oreo, so that could be the same case with the M1901F9T. The TENAA listing also revealed images of M1901F9T in all angles- the front of the phone houses the notch, back of the phone has dual rear cameras, and it seems like the phone will have a glass back.

As you can clearly see in the image, the M1901F9T seems to have a teardrop notch as the speaker grille is on top. Due to the complete Black colour listing, we’re unable to confirm the same. Also, the back of the phone is glossy- so finally we might see a budget Xiaomi smartphone with a glass back, or maybe Xiaomi is following the footsteps of Realme by adding a glossy finish to the back.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Series: What to Expect?

The Redmi 6 series arrived in India back in September this year, but in China, the phones were launched back in June. So going by Xiaomi’s six-month upgrade cycle, we’re expecting the Redmi 7 devices to debut in January 2019. The Redmi 7 series might include Redmi 7, Redmi 7A and the Redmi 7 Pro. And these phones are expected to reach India sometime in May or April 2019.

Xiaomi chose MediaTek processors for the Redmi 6 and 6A considering there isn’t a good entry-level processor from Qualcomm. But the Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 SoC is already available for manufacturers, so we’re expecting the Redmi 7 to feature it. The Redmi 7 Pro, on the other hand, might come with the Snapdragon 632 SoC. It will be interesting to see which processor Xiaomi uses for the Redmi 7A.

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22 Comments on "Upcoming Xiaomi Redmi 7 Likely to Sport a Smaller 2900mAh Battery"


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December 18, 2018 7:22 am 7:22 AM

New generation processors require less power.
Xiaomi is right in reducing battery capacity

December 18, 2018 4:13 pm 4:13 PM

Yes but battery depletion rate increases after new updates most of the time.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
December 18, 2018 8:43 pm 8:43 PM

I hope Liquid Remix and Superior OS is developed for these devices as well.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
December 18, 2018 8:42 pm 8:42 PM

Flash the roms. ALL THE phones from Xiaomi has good support of custom roms. Redmi 5A and 4A has two great roms based on Pie. Havoc OS and Pixel Experience ROM.

Crazy Bong
December 17, 2018 7:47 pm 7:47 PM

Off Topic: Not able to access web version of telegram from today morning. Any idea folks?

Capture telegram.JPG
December 17, 2018 2:39 pm 2:39 PM

It’s not disappointing to have 2900mah battery. Now
powerful flagships do have around 3300. So lower performance phones with 2900mah is equally good for a day of usage. This helps in being slim, value to FC tech, increase demand for power banks.,add some differentiating factor when compared with other bigger phones…hd+display ,2900mah is 1 day battery phone.

Shikha Chaudhary
December 17, 2018 6:02 pm 6:02 PM

Arena…i totally agree with you. But most of the people buying Redmi devices are not that tech aware. They just wanna buy a cheaply priced device with lots of on-paper specs.
They wouldn’t mind if the 13 MP back camera sensor used by Xiaomi is of much superior quality than 16 MP of Realme, instead they buy looking on bigger and better on-paper specs.

So instead of smaller, Xiaomi should focus on bigger batteries, along with Mediatek processors for lower budget smartphones. Snapdragon would be fine for mid and high ranged phones.

December 18, 2018 6:54 pm 6:54 PM

The new cheap snapdragon processors 439 and 632 is old wine in new bottle. Tick step of Intel Tick-Tock strategy so nothing new from 435 and 625 except die shrinkage.

439 or 632 or nowhere near P70 which competes with 660

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
December 19, 2018 11:35 am 11:35 AM

Xiaomi should not give Mediatek chipsets again if they want to be king in this market.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
December 17, 2018 8:32 pm 8:32 PM

Or even Snapdragon 636 for Redmi Note 7 and Snapdragon 632 for Redmi 7 Pro.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
December 17, 2018 8:31 pm 8:31 PM
Xiaomi did well in India because of snapdragon chipsets and affordability. Even today Xiaomi phones are unbeatble. I have used Redmi Note 3/4/5 Pro extensively and telling you experience. People don’t like MIUI and still they buy Xiaomi and flash the roms due to specifications they have at affordable prices. Big battery is concept brought by them. They brought Mediatek chipsets in Redmi 6/6A and see what happened. They need to stick to snapdragon and affordability. They will do for next five years. They need to bring Redmi Note 7 Pro with snapdragon 670/710 and Redmi Note 7 with snapdragon… Read more »
Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
December 17, 2018 5:48 pm 5:48 PM

Using Snapdragon chips and keeps prices as low as possible will keep Xiaomi growing.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
December 17, 2018 5:46 pm 5:46 PM

5V 2A is must for these phones.