Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2: Every Small Change You Need to Know

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Xiaomi has recently released its Mi Band 3 fitness and tracker band in India. The Mi Band 3 comes as a successor to the Mi Band 2 which took Xiaomi to the pole position in India's wearable category. Now the Mi Band 3 is here with various upgrades but at a similar price of Rs 1,999. Xiaomi is known for launching products at cutthroat prices and it continues with the Mi Band 3. The Mi Band 2 is so popular in India and almost every user will upgrade to the Mi Band 3. What improvements does the Mi Band 3 bring to the table when compared to the Mi Band 2? Let's find out.


What Improvements Does the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Bring to the Table Compared to Mi Band 2?

On a single look, the Mi Band 3 and the Mi Band 2 do not seem to be all that different when it comes to design. Both the bands come with a small screen with silicone straps which go around your wrist. They also come with a little fitness tracker which can be popped out and fit somewhere else as per your need.

Both the trackers also offer multiple colour options in addition to the numerous third-party bands available in the market. So when it comes to customising your band as per your choice, you can expect a lot of options.

On a closer look, the Mi Band 3 proves to have a larger OLED display as compared to the predecessor. However, still this upgrade is not really noticeable given the resemblance in design, and in case you are wondering that the large screen might risk straining your wrist then we would like to say that nothing of that sort will happen when you use the Mi Band 3.

The Mi Band comes with a 0.42 inches OLED screen, whereas the Mi Band 3 comes with a screen which is almost double the size of that with 0.78-inches. The newer band also comes with a better resolution which is 128 x 80 as opposed to the 72 x 40 on the Mi Band 2. The Mi Band 3 also offers touch functionality. Another thing to note is that the Mi Band 3 and its predecessor both come with a black and white display.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2: Features

There’s no denying that Xiaomi has packed the Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3 with a lot of fitness features which eventually become their selling points in the market. Both of these gadgets come with a step counter and sleep quality checker which monitors your sleep cycles and daily walking distance and other related details. These bands also easily connect with the Mi-Fit app where you can see all the collected data. The bands also offer a heart rate monitor. However, none of them comes with a GPS.

Another thing to note is that although the Mi Band 2 has been touted to be water resistant, Xiaomi doesn’t recommend the Mi Band 2 for swimming or use in pools. However, the Mi Band 3 is an upgrade in this regard as Xiaomi claims that wearers will be able to track their swims using the Mi Band 3.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2: Specifications and Battery

A version of the Mi Band 3 in China comes with an NFC functionality using which the wearers can use Xiaomi Pay service. However, since the Xiaomi Pay Service is not active in India, the variant is not that much of use. Another area where the Mi Band 3 gets an upgrade is the Bluetooth 4.2 which is a step up from the Bluetooth 4.0 we get to see on the Mi Band 2.

As for the battery levels, Xiaomi has claimed that both the Mi Band 2 and the Mi Band 3 will last 20 days with a single full charge. However, on actually using the bands it was apparent that the bands performed better in terms of power than Xiaomi’s claims.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2: Pricing

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 being the newer version comes with a price tag which is a tad bit higher than the Mi Band 2 still it could be considered to be a very budget oriented product. In China, the Mi Band 3 retails for Rs 1,999 in India, 179 Chinese yuan in China, (approx. $30 / AU$36) whereas in the UK it costs £23 on Gearbest. As compared to this, the Mi Band 2 costs £20 in the UK.

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