Xiaomi eying on the top spot in the smartphone market

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Xiaomi has been making good strides in the smartphone market lately. The company has been largely benefiting from its populous homeland China and neighboring countries such as India (all hail Flipkart flash sales). Xiaomi was founded in April 2010 and launched its first phone in August 2011. Now, after three years, it has reserved the third spot in the smartphone market worldwide in terms of sales. The company has attained such growth despite its sales being limited to plenty of asian countries.

Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun is certain about company’s manifold growth. According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi will acquire the number one market spot worldwide in a period of five to ten years.

However, as we all know that smartphone market is as tentative as stock market so one never knows what might happen especially in a stretched period of five to ten years. Though, Xiaomi’s sales graph is impressive, if it keeps going forth that swiftly then we might see Jun’s prediction shaping into a reality. Moreover, Xiaomi also has solid plans to expand its sales across the world, which in turn will boom its sales by notches.

Lei Jun revealed his ambitions for Xiaomi at a conference held in China, where he also flaunted 70 million active consumers and he is also expressed the certainty that the consumer base would rise to 200 million users by next year, as the company is expected to sell 100 million smartphones in the year 2015.

Xiaomi might be enjoying the front row in the asian market but it still has a long road to cover in order to emerge as the world leader. In accordance with company's data, it has 5 percent market share worldwide compared to the whooping 25 percent of Samsung and 11 percent of Apple. All that seems like a lot of hard work to be done by Xiaomi.

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