Why BBM makes more sense than any other IM?

With so many instant messaging apps surfacing, it is hard to decide which one is better. Put your dilemmas to rest. BBM is way better than any of the other applications and we have reasons for saying that.

Let us have a look at the 3 key reasons why one should consider using BBM over other instant messaging applications:

Better Quality Infrastructure: BBM has been approved for usage by a wide range of reputed emergency services in West because it functions on the huge private network of Blackberry that interlinks carriers with BlackBerry private infrastructure across the world. So, even when the mobile network is not working or is choking, BBM works flawlessly. Also, it ensures a highly reliable and secure communication.


Privacy: Other popular instant messaging services do not offer superior levels of privacy. For example, if you are using WhatsApp, the new owner of the number can easily access your contacts. It is a significant privacy infringement. Also, you will have to manually block somebody if you do not wish to receive messages from that contact. On the other hand, BBM never discloses any unnecessary information, such as the last time and date when you appeared online.

Security: Despite bad sales, Blackberry still retains the title of the King of security. Consequently, BBM offers better security features than any other instant messaging application. Instead of using phone number, like in other applications, BBM makes use of a user ID or device PIN, thereby, providing you with an elegant system to authorize a user. If you do not authorize a user, he or she won’t be able to message you.

The good news is that now you do not require Blackberry device to use BBM. It is now available on iOS and Android operating system too! So all the iOS and Android users can also download BBM and enjoy its perks, are you planning to download BBM ? Do let us know via comments.

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September 25, 2013 2:06 am 2:06 AM

Privacy? Security? Seems everybody has forgotten RIM’s tussle with the Indian Government? I’m sure they have access to all the messages. That pretty much means its all out there for gawd knows who to see!

September 23, 2013 9:39 pm 9:39 PM

Exactly infact bb has also increased its enterprise servers from 19000 to 25000 they have also upgraded their entire infrastucture

September 22, 2013 10:25 pm 10:25 PM

Desperately waiting for BBM for my Android.