WhatsApp Will be More Colourful Soon

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WhatsApp is going to be redesigned very soon. The social media application is working on bringing new colours and changing the user interface (UI) of the application very slightly. WhatsApp has kept on evolving with features over the years, but the company hasn’t paid a lot of attention to the design of the application. But not anymore; a new report from WABetaInfo suggests that for the Android version of the application, WhatsApp will be bringing subtle changes to the UI and colours. But there was no mention of the same being implemented for the iOS version of the app in the report. Let’s take a look at all that might be new with the application.

WhatsApp UI Changes and New Colours

The UI change would affect the way the ‘chat list’ section of the application looks. Whenever a user opens the application on his/her Android device, the first page they are navigated to is the ‘chat list’ where they can see all of their contacts and the current and previous chats.

WhatsApp might soon remove the line separators that exist between different chat cells. It won’t be a very major change, but it might add to making the app experience more clear and soothing for the user. It is a small UI change that is currently seen on the beta version of WhatsApp that has been downloaded by Android users.

Once the change is implemented for Android users, it won’t take long before it is also applicable for iOS users.

Further, users will also notice a new colour scheme with the application. WhatsApp will change the colours of the notifications shade and elements that are currently green in dark mode. The new colour will be blue instead of dark green.

The same changes might come for the users when they are using the application in ‘light’ mode instead of the ‘dark’ mode. Further, users will see the ‘blue’ colour in more areas of the application.

The WhatsApp badge, logo, ‘Mark as Read’, and ‘Reply’ buttons will also come with the new ‘blue’ colour in the new beta update. The changes in colour scheme might be different for several users depending on the version of the Android their device is running in.

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