Apple iOS 15 Announced With Enhanced Privacy Features

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Apple iOS 15

Apple’s yearly Worldwide Developers Conference has begun on 7th June this year. The American multinational technology company unveiled the new version of their in-house operating system – iOS 15. There had been many leaks revolving around the new features of the iOS 15 that seemed to be too far-fetched even for a company like Apple. However, iOS 15 comes with all those rumoured improvements, specifically to FaceTime and iMessage. iOS 15 also shows an overall emphasis on improving sharing and communication as well as privacy-related features this year.

FaceTime to Leverage Spatial Audio Now

FaceTime will now leverage Spatial audio, which will make it seem like the person you are on FaceTime with is in the same room as you and speaking face to face. In case of a group call, users will be able to see every face in a grid view, and voices will be spread out to sound as though they’re coming from the speaker’s position on the screen. A feature called voice isolation will use machine learning to block out ambient noises and prioritise voices. FaceTime users will now be able to invite people to the call by generating and sharing links to the call.

These links can also be used by Android and PC users in a browser. FaceTime calls can now also be scheduled, and the links can be shared via messages or emails. SharePlay is a new experience sharing feature that will let you synchronise videos you watch and music you listen to with everyone in a FaceTime call. Although this feature is only available on Apple Music and Apple TV, participants will be able to control media playback.

Shared Media on iMessage Now Easier to Access

New updates to iMessage in iOS 15 will let users find media shared in chats quickly. Users will now be able to react to photos, view them in full screen and swipe through them with the new collage and stack designs. Shared links and media will surface in the Shared With You Section in Apple News, Apple Music. Photos, Safari, Podcasts and other apps. Apple Music will now let you have Shared Playlist, and Photos will show shared media in the featured photos section.

iOS 15 Will Roll Out on iPhone 6S and Subsequent Devices This Year

The Developer Preview for iOS 15 had begun immediately after it was unveiled. The public beta will be arriving next month for a wider audience. It will officially start rolling out for iPhone 6S and later devices in September this year, with the beginning of the fall season.

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