WhatsApp Upgraded Business App Comes With New Shopping Features

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WhatsApp has introduced new shopping features to its Business App. The option was previously only available on smartphones, but the company is now providing businesses with the option of creating and managing the catalogues from WhatsApp Web (desktop version) rather than just smartphones.

WhatsApp being a Facebook-owned company has enhanced the effective ways of marketing, and is now offering the same for its business app.

Citings by WhatsApp

WhatsApp has cited in a statement that they are aware that most businesses manage inventories from their computer rather than smartphones. The new feature will be an easy way to add new items or services and this will allow customers to easily spot the availability of the items/services. This feature will benefit many businesses, but businesses with large inventories the most.

More than 8 billion users can now browse the catalogue using the WhatsApp Business app. Hiding unavailable items is also possible and the hidden items can later be shown again as and when they are back in stock.

The feature is now rolled out around the world by WhatsApp and in case you still haven't received it then you will get it in a few days, most probably.

Steps to Add a Product or Service to Your Catalogue

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp Business application and click on 'More'.

Step 2: At the top of your chat list you need to locate the 'Catalogue' option and then click on it.

Step 3: Click "Add new item" and add images that you need to upload from your Photos. Only 10 photos are allowed to be uploaded at once.

Step 4: Product or Service name needs to be necessarily provided. Whereas, other options like price, description, link and item code for an uploaded product are not necessarily required as they are optional. Then, you need to tap on 'Add to Catalogue' to add the product/service to the cart.

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