Vodafone Says it Uses Special Technology to Offer Faster Speeds for REDX Postpaid Plan Users

Vodafone REDX plan is the most unique one in the industry right now because of all the travel, entertainment and other benefits which it offers

  • Vodafone REDX postpaid plan is available for Rs 999 per month
  • The plan bundles unlimited data and calling
  • There are various benefits like airport lounges, Netflix and more

While there has been a lot going on in the telecom industry right now with the recent data tariff hike in effect and other changes which the subscribers are facing, there are some areas which have not changed one bit even after all of these happenings. These areas include the postpaid plans being shipped by the telecom operators. Although the data tariff hike vastly affected the prices of prepaid plans, the postpaid plans remain the same way. When it comes to postpaid plan, the subscribers have choices like Vodafone RED, Airtel MyInfinity, Idea Nirvana and more. However, among all of these postpaid portfolios and across all the plans, there is one postpaid plan from Vodafone which stands apart from the crowd owing to the benefit which it offers. This postpaid plan is the Vodafone REDX postpaid plan. If you know a bit about this plan already, then you know what we are talking about. However, there is one benefit in this plan which has caught the eye of a lot of people, and that is the 50% better speed claim that Vodafone is claiming for the REDX customers. Previously, we did not have any information about how it was going to be done, but now it seems that Vodafone has shed some light on the matter.


Vodafone REDX 50% More Speed Explained

Vodafone REDX plan is a very unique offering when compared to all the other postpaid plans available in the Vodafone portfolio or across the postpaid portfolio of any other telecom operator. The plan offers unlimited data, unlimited calling, and it promises to provide 50% better speed as compared to all the other connections. Simply put the Vodafone REDX customers will be able to enjoy speeds which will be 50% more speed than the standard Vodafone RED subscribers. But, there were many doubts as to how Vodafone was going about this whole thing or whether it was capping the speeds of all the other prepaid or postpaid operators.

While replying to another user, Vodafone has clarified that it will be using a special technology which will be used specifically for that plan. Vodafone has said to the customer making the enquiry, “You will have a better experience most of the times than other customers in the same location, who are using similar handsets but are not on this plan.” Now there is no more details as to what specifically this technology is going to be, but this is the answer that the users will have to make do with for now.

Vodafone REDX Plan Benefits

The reason why Vodafone REDX is the most distinct plan in the industry right now is because of the benefits that it offers. For example, the Vodafone REDX postpaid plan ships unlimited data and unlimited calling for Rs 999 per month. Apart from this, the subscribers get the added benefit of Netflix subscription for an entire year and an Amazon Prime subscription for an entire year as well. The subscribers also get free ZEE5 subscription and Vodafone Play subscription too.

Vodafone REDX Plan Travel Benefits

There are a lot of travel benefits bundled with this plan which point towards the fact that this plan will be worthy for the business people who travel a lot. Under these benefits, the subscribers will enjoy 7 days iRoam pack, access to airport lounges 4 times a year, and 10% discount on hotels from hotels.com. Additionally, the subscribers will be able to get premium customer service. The customers of this plan also get ISD calling to US and Canada at 50 paise per minute.

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Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

Now Vade is openly challenging TRAI with its disregard of net neutrality and full throttling of prepaid users, huh?
Anyway TRAI is in its pockets. So nothing will be done.


Looks like you should first know what is net neutrality completely and then point to any Vade or Dosa!

Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

Looks like you definitely should read the whole comment before responding like an Idli.


I think they are capping speeds for prepaid users. For me speed never goes beyond 20Mbps

Jio | Vodafone

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