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voda-busy messagesVodafone, one of India's leading mobile service providers, has launched it's "Busy Message" service. With this Value Added Service, Vodafone users can now let their callers know when they are unable to take their calls.

They can set appropriate "Busy Messages" to tell them when they are in a meeting, enjoying a movie, or on a holiday, without having to answer the phone.

What's more - one can even record your own personalised Busy Message.

Note: While the BUSY MESSAGE service is active, the normal Caller Tune will not play.

Given below are the details of charges, and procedure to activate / deactivate through both CALL (Voice) and TEXT (SMS).

VOICE Call Rate Procedure
Activation 567678 Re 1/min Call 567678 to record your own Busy Message
Select from the list of pre-defined Busy Messages
Specify no. of hours/days you want it to play.
De-Activation 567678 Re 1/min Select ´Remove your Busy Message´ option - after deactivation, your original Callertune will be reactivated
TEXT SMS Rate Procedure
Activation 56789 Re 3/msg SMS CT BUSY - sets 'Busy Message' for 1 hour (English) - informs you are busy with some important work
(SMS) SMS CT MOVIE HIN 3 - sets 'Busy Message' for 3 hours (Hindi) - informs you are watching a movie
SMS CT LUNCH HIN - sets a 'Busy Message' for 1 hour (Hindi) - informs you are out for lunch.
SMS CT BATTERY 2 - sets a 'Busy Message' for 2 hour (English) - informs phone is low on battery.
De-Activation 56789 Re 3/msg SMS CT RMV to 56789 -  - after deactivation, your original Callertune will be reactivated

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