Vodafone Idea Major Prepaid Plans Available at Reduced Rates

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Vodafone Idea (Vi) is struggling financially for a very long time now. The telco needs more revenues and a sure-shot way of getting more money from the customers is to motivate them to recharge with major prepaid plans. There are plenty of low average revenue per user (ARPU) customers in the telco’s portfolio who either recharge with a very cheap plan or don’t recharge it at all (keeping Vi SIM as secondary on their smartphone). As per @Bananaplant, one of the community members of TelecomTalk, Vi is offering major prepaid plans with considerable validities at discounted rates. Let’s take a look at what these plans are.

Vodafone Idea Prepaid Plans That Are Available at Discount Right Now

Vodafone Idea is offering six major plans at discount right now. These plans are - Rs 449, Rs 699, Rs 399, Rs 801, Rs 401, Rs 1,197. All of these plans are available at a Rs 40 discount. The user who shared this with us has a Rs 40 discount voucher available from the company. Note that this might not be available for everyone.


Vi might be offering these plans at a discount to low ARPU customers or the user might have received a Rs 40 discount voucher from the company based on an old transaction. Anyway, if the company is indeed giving out Rs 40 discount vouchers to select users, it might just result in more recharges.

All of the plans mentioned above are major plans from the company. The Rs 449 plan is now available for Rs 409, Rs 699 plan for Rs 659, Rs 399 plan for Rs 359, Rs 801 plan for Rs 761, Rs 401 plan for Rs 361, and the Rs 1,197 plan for Rs 1,157.

Note that the benefits of these plans remain unchanged. If there’s an over-the-top (OTT) benefit that the user used to get earlier when purchasing the plan at the original price, he/she will get it at the discounted price as well. Further, the Binge All Night and Weekend Data Rollover offer with the Rs 449 (now Rs 409) and Rs 699 (now Rs 659) plans will still be available.

This is a great way for Vodafone Idea to grab the attention of the customers. The low ARPU customers might recharge with the company’s solid prepaid plans which come with industry-unique benefits at a discount. However, only time will tell if the move has any effect on Vi’s revenues at all. However, this might also reduce the ARPU for the company in the short term which Vodafone Idea really can't afford.

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