Vodafone Idea Announces Cloud Firewall Solution to Keep Enterprises Secure

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Vodafone Idea

More and more businesses are adapting to the digital way of conducting operations and providing services in this pandemic struck world. Understanding the requirements of these businesses, Vodafone Idea (Vi) has announced a new security solution for them. For the unaware, the telco has a ‘Business’ arm called ‘Vi Business’, which caters to the needs and demands of enterprises in the country.

The new security solution called ‘Vi Cloud Firewall’ is a cloud-deployed security solution that enterprises can leverage to keep their sensitive data and information secure.

Vodafone Idea Partnered With Firstwave Cloud Technology to Create Cloud Firewall

Vodafone Idea (Vi) had partnered with Firstwave Cloud Technology, an industry-leading security technology provider, to develop the ‘Vi Cloud Firewall’. The aim of the ‘Vi Cloud Firewall’ is to understand and cater to the modern security needs of enterprises.

The ‘Vi Cloud Firewall’ has been engineered for Vi’s OpenStack RedHat cloud environment, which is managed using FirstWave’s Cloud Content Security Platform (CCSP). The security solution developed by both companies is powered by the VM Series Virtual-Next Generation Firewall (NFGW) technology by Palo Alto Networks, which is one of the market leaders.

As per the company, the ‘Vi Cloud Firewall’ is a next-generation firewall technology that will keep enterprises secure. Further, the technology comes with DDoS protection, content filtering, real-time intelligence, data loss prevention, secure VPN and more.

One of the best things about the security solution is that the companies won’t need to incur capex for installing it. There is no need for a premise infrastructure for a business or an enterprise to install the solution and run it.

The enterprises won’t even need their IT teams to manage the solution. It is a one-stop solution that is very cost-effective for companies if they are thinking about investing in their data’s security.

The need and utility of cloud applications will grow even further as 5G connectivity arrives in India. The ‘Vi Cloud Firewall’ solution from Vodafone Idea will prove to be very useful for the companies which are looking to invest in their security infrastructure. The ‘Vi Cloud Firewall’ is just one of many solutions that Vodafone Idea offers to enterprises in India.

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