Vodafone (Gujarat) Customers Fly to Ambaji This Navratri

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This Navratri, Vodafone Essar, one of leading GSM Mobile service operator, in association with Radio City 91.1FM, India's first and leading FM brand, is once geared up to make a distinctive connect with its customers in Gujarat by celebrating the state's most popular festival in an exceptional way.

If a customer has the Navratri Caller-tunes Shuffle playing on their Vodafone Mobile when the Radio City RJ calls them, they could win themselves a helicopter ride to Ambaji for a special darshan!

Vodafone customers in Gujarat Telecom circle tuning into Radio City 91.1FM can now win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to to fly to Ambaji in a helicopter for a special VIP darshan !

To avail the offer Vodafone Gujarat customer needs to call 50001 (toll free) and download Navratri Caller tunes. If Radiocity RJ calls this customer and listens to Navratri Caller tunes , then RJ asks 3 questions. Answering all the 3 questions correctly will win the customer a helicopter ride to Ambaji for a special darshan. Upon answering only 1 and 2 question correctly , winner gets a Vodafone Goody bag (only) and Vodafone Magic Box handset (only) respectively.

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