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vodafone-blockVodafone, India's 2nd largest GSM Service provider, seems to have devised a new innovative way of reducing the number of calls at their call centre! Agents now have the access to bar customers from contacting an agent... read on to know how this is happening.

  • 13 Sep 2009 12:45 PM  - Call made to 98850-98850 - AGENT transferred call to a "ring only" mode - call lasted for 05min 10 sec
  • 13 Sep 2009 12:50 PM - Call made to 98850-98850 - AGENT ANURADHA transferred to same "ring only" mode - call lasted 3min 51 sec

the 1st call was to check the date when RC38 (South STD @ 50p) was launched agent was unable to provide the date - instead kept me on HOLD - then transferred to a number which only rings... subsequent calls do not get transferred to any agent [IVR KEEPS ON REPEATING INFO].

in order to make the 2nd call, I entered another (NON-BLOCKED) Vodafone number - here too the agent (for some reason best known to her!) got offended at being called a "Nin-Com-poop" by me. Even the word "Stupid" when used offends VODAFONE agents!

SEEMS THE VODAFONE MANAGEMENT HAS GIVEN ITS AGENTS FULL AUTHORITY TO BAR CUSTOMERS FROM CONTACTING VODAFONE CC # 98850-98850. I feel this has gone too far, with agents (earning Rs 4500-6500 per month) being given the liberty of taking such decisions !

I invite all readers of TELECOM TALK to share their views, I will collate same and ensure VODAFONE CC, Nodal Officer, Appellate Officer & CEO are kept aware of the same.

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