Vodafone and Airtel Registered Increased 4G Download Speed During July 2020: Trai

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) released data of 4G download speeds for the telcos. The report is for the month of July 2020 and it highlights that Vodafone and Airtel have registered higher 4G download speeds than the previous month’s speeds. Idea, on the other hand, reported a dip in speed while Reliance Jio records identical speed as of June 2020. The data can be found in the MySpeed portal regulated by Trai. Reliance Jio registered the highest download speed of 16.5 Mbps, the same as of the last month. Vodafone gained the most in 4G download speed and none of the telcos reported growth in upload speed.

Vodafone Registers a Good Gain in 4G Download Speed

Vodafone registered a good gain in 4G download speed. Compared to the month of June when the telco recorded a speed of 7.5 Mbps, the number has increased and reached close to 8.3 Mbps. It is a significant monthly gain and percentage-wise Vodafone gained the most in 4G download speed compared to all the other telcos from their previous month’s score.

Airtel, on the other hand, recorded a very minor gain, almost identical to that of its previous month. The telco recorded a 4G download speed of 7.2 Mbps in the month of June and it reached close to 7.3 Mbps in July. Reliance Jio didn’t record either gain or loss in 4G download speed for the month of July when compared with that of June. It was 16.5 Mbps back in June and was the same for July.

Idea though reported a dip in 4G download speed as compared to its previous month’s speed. Idea recorded 8 Mbps download speed in June and it fell down to 7.9 Mbps in the month of July.

All the Telcos Register Dip in Upload Speed

Airtel recorded a dip in upload speed with the upload speed being 3.4 Mbps in the month of June and falling in the range of 3.3 Mbps in July. Idea’s upload speed dipped from 6.2 Mbps in June to 5.7 Mbps in July. As for Jio, it recorded a dip in upload speed from 3.4 Mbps in June to 3.3 Mbps in July. Vodafone’s upload speed dipped from 6.2 Mbps in June to 6.1 Mbps in July.

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