Top Video Conferencing App Solutions for India in 2020

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Video conferencing has become the backbone of nearly every industry for conducting meetings, seminars or classes. Since the government announced a lockdown period to tackle the deadly virus, work from home became the new normal. Nearly every corporate organisation announced work from home for employees to ensure complete safety. Not only this, but school and colleges started taking online classes. The Covid-19 scare resulted in the growth of various video conferencing apps to cater to the different needs of customers. Some of the apps have made its space in the video calls segment, whereas various big companies have recently developed their video conferencing apps to capture the new rising market. In this article, we will cover 5 different video conferencing apps which will be the perfect choice for your next online class or meeting.

Zoom App

Zoom app gained the limelight when the government announced the lockdown period to combat the deadly virus. Zoom app is widely used by enterprises and individuals for personal and corporate meetings. The app is specially developed and aimed for enterprise users with an attractive free option. Zoom supports up to 100 participants. However, if the free user's conference includes more than 3 individuals, the call duration will be limited to 40 minutes. Zoom allows users to do video calls using a browser, dedicated apps and extensions.

Even though Zoom is highly used, the app faced a backlash from various government authorities. The app was said to be leaking private data of its users. Even the government of India stated that Zoom is not a safe platform for users. However, the app is being used by a major chunk of users in India.

JioMeet App

As soon as the news broke out that Zoom app is not safe for users, Reliance Jio announced its own video conferencing app JioMeet to capture the market share of Zoom. However, Reliance Jio is not new in the video conferencing segment. Earlier, it introduced JioChat app, which allowed video call features to users. Now JioMeet app is specially designed to cater to the video calling need of users in challenging times. JioMeet app is available across all platforms, and it allows HD video conferencing in all the devices.


BlueJeans App

Since JioMeet, Zoom and other video conferencing apps were extensively growing, Airtel also dived in the competition and launched its video conferencing app BlueJeans. For the app, Airtel partnered up with US-based Verizon-owned BlueJeans to launch its video conferencing app in India. BlueJeans app is equipped with high-graded security features, and it can be accessed via browsers which will eliminate the need of downloading the app. Also, on a single call user can add up to 50,000 participants.

Google Duo App

Google Duo app is one of the most renowned video conferencing platforms which allows video calling facility to users. However, the rival competitive video calling apps like Zoom, JioMeet and many more were offering higher participants in a single video call. Recently, to eliminate the competition, Googe Duo also increased the participation in a single video call. Not only this, but Google Duo has also announced various new features in the app for a smooth and hassle-free video calling.

Skype App

Skype is one of the most famous and oldest VoIP apps, which allows video conferencing for up to 50 participants. The company launched the expanded features of the app back in 2019 and improved on various old features. Now, Skype allows unlimited video calling to a maximum of 50 participants. All the users can join the meeting from a web browser on a computer. They can also join the meeting using the Skype app.

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