Vi Fastest But Jio Leads in 4G Availability, Hyderabad Fastest City in India

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Ookla, the company behind the Speedtest platform on Wednesday said that Vi India was the fastest 4G operator in India during the third quarter of the current year. The company said that Vi India registered a mean download and upload speeds of 13.74 Mbps and 6.19 Mbps respectively during the 2020 third quarter. Ookla said that Airtel registered a mean download and upload speeds of 13.58 Mbps and 4.15 Mbps respectively. Meanwhile, Jio, the largest wireless operator in India is said to have registered 9.71 Mbps and 3.41 Mbps mean download and upload speeds respectively.

Jio Leads in 4G Availability Across India

Ookla said that the mobile network market in India witnessed “astounding growth and evolution” since India made its first mobile call in 1995.

“Local operators’ efforts to improve and expand 4G coverage across the country have provided customers in India with an increasingly fast and modern mobile internet experience,” the company said in a blog post.

Ookla said that Jio was available in 99.7% of the locations it tested during the third quarter of the current year. Further, the company said that Airtel and Vi India had 4G presence in 98.7% and 91.1% respectively of tested locations during the same period.

The company also released mobile internet speeds across 15 “most populous cities in India” during the third quarter of 2020 with the report highlighting that Hyderabad emerged as the fastest city. Ookla said that Hyderabad registered the fastest mean download and upload speeds of 14.35 Mbps and 4.42 Mbps respectively during the third quarter of 2020. Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Chennai and Kolkata rounded up the top five while Kanpur and Lucknow are said to have registered the slowest mean download and upload speeds among the top 15 cities.

Pakistan Registered Fastest Mobile Speeds than India

Ookla also said that Pakistan showed 39.7% faster mobile download speed than India while Bangladesh was said to be third on download speeds among the large South Asian countries during Q3, 2020.

“Both India and Pakistan showed improved mean download speeds over mobile when comparing Q3 2019 to Q3 2020,” Ookla said in the blog post. “India saw an 11.6% increase while Pakistan’s mean mobile download speeds increased by 24.1% during the same period. Upload speeds remained mostly flat across South Asia’s largest countries, with only Pakistan showing a slight improvement year over year.”

Similarly, Ookla said that the 4G speeds also showed an identical pattern with Pakistan registering 51.3% faster speeds than India with Bangladesh closely behind on download speeds.

However, India led the charts on 4G availability with Ookla highlighting that India recorded a 93.7% 4G availability in its test locations during the third quarter of 2020. The company said that Bangladesh and Pakistan registered 78.6% and 72.9% 4G availability during the same period.

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