Vi Unveils New Add-On Packs With Games, Star Talk Benefit and More

Vi has launched new unlimited talktime add-on packs with four different benefits namely Star Talk, Games, Contest, and Sports

Vi (Vodafone Idea) has launched new unlimited talktime add-on packs which are offering users multiple unique benefits. There is Star Talk, Games, Sports, and Contest benefit included with the new plans. A total of 8 such plans have been introduced by the third largest operator in India. One thing to note would be that even though these plans are listed under the add-ons category, they come with standalone validity. So these are not just basic extensions to your current prepaid plan. More details ahead.

Vi New Add-On Plans With Unique Benefits

There are a total of four benefits. Starting with the first one, ‘Star Talk’ is a benefit which will allow users to interact live with Bollywood celebrities. With the ‘Sports’ benefit, users will get unlimited score alerts through SMS and a chance to talk to sports celebrities. Then there is the ‘Contest’ benefit. This one allows users to win prizes such as recharge and gold vouchers and more. Lastly, there is the ‘Games’ benefit. It allows users to access over 200 popular games ad-free.

Coming to the new plans which are added, they come for the following denominations – Rs 32, Rs 42, Rs 43, Rs 52, Rs 62, Rs 72, Rs 73, and Rs 103. The Rs 32 pack offers unlimited talktime with the ‘Games’ benefit to the users for 28 days. The Rs 42 pack comes with the ‘Sports’ benefit and offers unlimited talktime for 28 days as well. Then at just Rs 1 more expensive, there is the Rs 43 pack which ships with unlimited talktime benefit, 28 days validity, and ‘Contest’ benefit. Further, the Rs 52 pack also comes with a validity of 28 days and unlimited talktime but offers ‘Star Talk’ benefit.

The aforementioned four plans (Rs 32, Rs 42, Rs 43, Rs 52) all come with a validity of 28 days. The rest four plans (Rs 62, Rs 72, Rs 73, Rs 103) however offer longer validity of 89 days. One thing to note here would be that all of these four plans offer two things in common which is unlimited talktime and a validity of 89 days. The only difference is in the kind of benefits these come with.

The Rs 62 pack comes with the ‘Games’ benefit. The Rs 72 pack comes with the ‘Sports’ benefit. The other two packs, Rs 73 and Rs 103 come with the benefit of ‘Contest’ and ‘Star Talk’ respectively.

Following the pattern of these new add-on plans from Vi, it is clearly visible that the ‘Games’ benefit is the cheapest be it for short-term (28 days) or long-term (89 days) validity and the most expensive one is the ‘Star Talk’ benefit. The plans are already live on the website of Vi.

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